Best Headphones Under 1000

Nowadays headphones are not just headphones but have become an essential need for every household. Know why? Because since the time the Covid-19 struck the world, the need for working from home, studying from teaching, and caning from home has become quite familiar sentences when it comes to day-to-day day lives.

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But what if say, these headphones are more than what they merely come s display!! Surprise right, and why not because these headphones are not headphones, it’s a complete music system with additional features like having a boom mic high-quality sound drivers, in-line control, and many more. What not these products as the best headphones under 1000 are offering, is something unimaginable in recent times. Let’s just jump on to the headphones which probably could become the headphone of your liking.

1. Sony MDR-ZX110A

Sony MDR-ZX110 Wired On Ear Headphone without Mic (White)

Rs. 990
Last update was on: May 9, 2024 8:14 am
Product Dimensions‎27 x 26 x 20.5 cm
product Weight135 gms
Headphone TypeWired
Sound Drivers30mm

When it comes to listening to songs with great quality and comfort then how can one not think of the brand Sony? So, at number one in the list of best headphones under 1000, we bring you the Sony MDR-ZX110A. The product with the tag Sony itself is explanatory but still we would like to highlight a few key features of these headphones. The main highlight of these headphones is their 30mm neodymium Dynamic drivers to deliver the punchy sound you probably would be looking for.

Secondly, the cushioned pads with soft earcups provide you with comfort and a long lasting music experience. Thirdly, the swivel design makes it easy for the used Ringo In simpler words, it enables you to fold your device when you aren’t using it. So, you see how these headphones make the life of a user easy from every given angle, that to being the best headphones under 1000 price category.


  • Looks Premium with White color as well as the tag of Sony that it carries
  • Good Balanced bass that one will experience from its 30mm neodymium Dynamic drivers
  • Cushioned Ear Pads with a self-adjusting headband so that they can cover your entire ear with ease
  • Foldable Design gives you the flexibility to carry the headphones wherever and anywhere you want


  • Doesn’t have a mic for calling experience
  • Limited Color options

2. boAt Bassheads 900

boAt Bassheads 900 Wired On Ear Headphones with Mic (Carbon Black)

Rs. 849 Rs. 2,490
Last update was on: May 9, 2024 8:14 am
Product Dimensions‎15 x 3.1 x 19 cm
product Weight150 g
Headphone TypeWired
Sound Drivers40mm

The next in line of best headphones under 1000 that we bring amongst you is the boAt Bassheads 900. These headphones are the best when it comes to bass boost music experience and at the same time giving the user to talk with help of its in-line mic option.

Don’t get disheartened, the headphones have some other good features too and to start with, the boAt Bassheads 900 has 40mm neodymium drivers for terrific punchy bass sound with passive noise cancellation, good quality wire with in-line MIC option, extra soft ear cups with good quality earpads and also compact and foldable design to roam around with ease. But do you know what makes these headphones more special, it is the multiple color options such as Carbon black, Active black, pearl white, Warm gray, Oceana blue, and raging black.


  • Comes available in multiple color options and all with premium looks
  • The 40mm neodymium bass drivers are the most important feature of this headphone
  • The in-line mic feature that gives the users the ability to speak during phone calls and makes a hands-free experience
  • Comfortable, soft ear cups that come attached with adjustable headbands and foldable design
  • Lightweight compact design
  • Compatible with major devices with its 3.5mm jack


  • Too much bass makes the mids sound unclear
  • No mic boom

3. ZEBRONICS Zeb-Grace

ZEBRONICS Zeb-Grace U Wired Over Ear Headphone with Mic (Black)

Rs. 849 Rs. 1,299
Last update was on: May 9, 2024 8:14 am
ModelZeb- Grace U
Product Dimensions‎7.5 x 19 x 19.6 cm
product Weight220 g
Headphone TypeWired
Sound Drivers40mm

Listening to your favorite song or music becomes more enjoyable when the sound quality of the headphones comes with a more bass but balanced sound ability. To ensure such a thing, the entry of ZEBRONICS Zeb-Grace headphones takes place. So, what is so special about these headphones?

Speaking of specialty, the best headphones under 1000 from Zebronics comes along with a bunch of cool functionalities such as its 40mm sound drivers that give you an immersive sound experience with its super extra bass quality with speaker impedance up to32 ohms, another great feature about these headphones are its multi-functional control pod that gives the user the ability to take the complete control under his/her hands. But unlike other brands, the Zebronics Zeb-grace gives you a boom enabled led mic system to talk clearly during important client or boss meetings without hustling with the mic.


  • Feels premium while wearing
  • The 40mm sound drivers bring an extra edge to the device with its extra bass sound with keeping in mind the controlled mids and lows
  • The multi-functional in-line pods give the user the ability to control important features like the Volume up/down, Mic on/off, and so on
  • The earpads seem to be of a good premium quality that comes attached with an adjustable headband and a foldable design


  • No 3.5mm jack but instead have USB
  • Limited Color options

4. Redragon

ModelGaruda H120
Product Dimensions18 x 7.5 x 15 cm
product Weight150 g
Headphone TypeWired
Sound Drivers40mm

Next in the line of best headphones under 1000 that we bring to you are from Redragon Garuda H120. So, if you are a gamer and love playing games for long hours, these headphones are for you. Not limited to this, these headphones also provide crystal clear and excellent sound quality through their 40mm neodymium directional sound drivers, giving them an extra edge with their terrific bass and best audio precision quality.

Well, the other features that come with headphones are the 6 ft long cable, especially keeping the the gamers view in mind, noise and echo canceling technology for a perfect noise chat during call or in-game voice mode, In-and line mic functionality providing you with and hands-free experience. But do you know that the coolest part of these headpthones is their compatibility with almost all devices such as laptops desktops/smartphones and so on? Not least, the ergonomic design with soft ear cups and adjustable headbands makes it the perfect choice and the best headphones under 1000 price category.


  • The headphones come with a rich feeling and premium look.
  • Excellent Sound Quality
  • You’ll receive two pairs of 3.5mm jacks for ease and flexibility.
  • 6 ft long and strong cable for the perfect gaming experience
  • Compatibility with almost all smart devices
  • Ergonomically sound for a long-lasting experience
  • Volume rocker directly on the ear pad case


  • Limited Color options
  • No inline multi-function pods for control such as MIC Off/On

5. Cosmic Byte Blazar

BrandCosmic Byte
Product Dimensions‎ 23.2 x 19 x 10.4 cm
product Weight410 g
Headphone TypeWired
Sound Drivers40mm

Next in the line of best headphones under 1000 is of gaming category but this time from Cosmic Byte Blazar H11. As mentioned before, headphone is the ideal choice for gamers, especially, for those who are looking for superior sound quality and comfort. Adding more to this, the adjustable headbands give you long-lasting durability and stability while playing your favorite games.

But you must be thinking that if it’s only these many features, then what’s the point of investing money in it? What if we tell you that you’re wrong!! The headphones come in different colors i.e., Blue, Orange, and Purple and the top of it also provide you with a retractable MIC with an in-line volume rocker which comes compatibility-wisely wise, it supports mainly smart as well as gaming devices.


  • Excellent built quality with three distinctive color options
  • Excellent Bass sound quality that comes through its 40mm Neodymium sound drivers
  • Comes with adjustable headbands and retractable mic system for complete ease
  • In line Mic Pod for a hands-free experience
  • Compatible with all smart as well as gaming devices


  • Feels a bit heavier because of its 410 gms weight

6. Cosmic Byte Titania

BrandCosmic Byte
Product Dimensions20 x 15 x 11 cm
product Weight260 g
Headphone TypeWired
Sound Drivers50mm

Next in the line of best headphones under 1000 before you have an option that rarely any headphone in this category does have. We are talking about the headphone with an Omni-directional Microphone supported an by RGB effect on the side of the headphones. These RGB lighting effects give the gamer the atmosphere and the feel of a comprehensiveness into the game.  Not limited to that, the headphones from Cosmic Byte Titania have two 3.5mm jacks with one headphone and Mic that easily can be supported by PC and Laptops, the ergonomic design that makes one feel comfortable and lightweight during its use.

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These headphones are suitable for those who love gaming to their core and also want to build a career in it. But those who aren’t into gaming stuff don’t need to get disheartened as these headphones also support 50mm high-quality sound drivers that can undoubtedly give you the surround sound that you were looking for. So, let’s check out some other features in the form of their Pros and cons.


  • Static RGB lighting to give the user an immersive gaming atmosphere
  • The 50mm high-quality sound drivers give the bloom sound
  • Separate jacks for both Mic as well as the headphones
  • Soft ear-cup cushions for a long-lasting sound experience
  • Boom Mic for clarity to what you speak.


  • Limited Color options
  • No inline multi-function pods for control such as MIC Off/On

7. Boult Audio Bass Buds Q2

BrandBoult Audio
Product Dimensions18 x 22 x 9 cm
product Weight150 g
Headphone TypeWired
Sound Drivers50mm

Next in the line of best headphones under 1000 that we present again are from Boult Audio Bass Buds Q2. Talking about these headphones they are in a different league altogether, why? Because of its signature sound with a rich and crisp bass response that too with incredible precision, secondly, the extra bass feature gives you an extra punch with accentuating highs and lows in the sound. Thirdly, is the Voice assistant functionality.

Now, this is something that we recently talked about. The one-tap gesture control for Voice assistant gives the user not only the flexibility to take assistance but assistance makes it completely hands-free. Along with that, ergonomically designed drivers give it an extra punch which is supported by its in-built subwoofers, what else does one need?


  • Beautiful ergonomic design with protein leather padding
  • 40mm sound drivers for an extra punch to the bass
  • In-line control feature voice call connecting and disconnecting including play and pause
  • Foldable design
  • Adjustable headbands for the good ear-to-sound pad ratio
  • Voice Assistant feature to google and Siri


  • No as such

8. Zebronics Jet PRO

Model‎Zeb- JET PRO
Product Dimensions‎20 x 11 x 22.5 cm
product Weight‎283 g
Headphone TypeWired
Sound Drivers40mm

Now time again is for all the Zebronics users as we bring to you another best headphones under 1000 from Zebronics Jet Pro. The best features about these headphones lie in their 40mm neodymium drivers that can produce a powerful boost not only for music lovers but also for game lovers that love playing games like PUBG, Asphalt, or Call of duty and games of a similar sort. Secondly, these headphones have a braided cord of 2 meters in length which rarely any headphones in such price range have to offer.

The in-line call mute/unmute option, multicolor option, adjustable mic and headband feature with extra suspension are some of the best features that the Jet Pro model from Zebronics has to offer. So, if you ask, the product has more than what it should have and is the best headphones under the 1000 price range category.


  • Powerful Bass quality that comes from its 40mm neodymium sound drivers
  • Soft padded ear cups for a long-lasting sound experience.
  • Braided cable to support the product from unnecessary wear and tear
  • In-line connectivity pods with MIC off/on the switch, volume rocker, and too supported by 3.5mm jack
  • Lightweight and comfortable for easy use and travel
  • Nice and perfect adjustable mic


  • No color options available, supporting a wider range of audience
  • Dialogues while watching films or videos sometimes feel a bit less clear when compared to their peers

9. Redgear Cloak

Redgear Cloak Wired RGB Wired Over Ear Gaming Headphones with Mic for PC

Rs. 998 Rs. 1,799
Last update was on: May 9, 2024 8:14 am
Product Dimensions19.5 x 11.4 x 24.4 cm
product Weight460 g
Headphone TypeWired
Sound Drivers50mm

The Redgear cloak is another best headphones under 1000 that can be your next gaming headphone when compared to others. Now you’ll ask why. The answer to this ‘WHY’ lies in its 50mm monstrous gaming drivers, which if simply put, is an enhanced bass with the best clarity experience. The next good feature of these headphones is their Mic’s. It is not just a mic but an omnidirectional microphone that can be used by gamers very effectively. Speaking of effectiveness, quality-wise, the headphones have the best noise-isolating memory foam earpads with adjustable headbands that give a better ear-to-sound pad ratio for a better sound experience.

These headphones are effective for gamers who do want to play domestically or professionally. These headphones are also good for musicians and songwriters who do like to play sound or music while they are writing. Now one can just imagine how great these headphones from Redgear Cloak would sound when it comes to solving their sole purpose. Let’s move on in knowing its pros and Cons with some more additive features or probably recap.


  • Suspension-based headband system making it look more premium and stronger at the same time
  • 50mm high-quality sound drivers for perfect bass sound
  • Noise isolating memory foam for passive noise reduction
  • MIC with an Omni directional feature that makes it very effective for gamers who are playing live or so.
  • RGB lights in-built on the headphones to give the user a complete atmosphere he/she wants
  • Boom MIC for best taking experience online
  • Best for students, professionals, and gamers.


  • No Voice assistant
  • No other color option available than Black

10. Ant Esports H560

Ant Esports H560 Rgb Wired Over Ear Headphones With Mic

Rs. 909 Rs. 1,999
Last update was on: May 9, 2024 8:14 am
Brand‎Ant Esports
ModelH560 RGB
Product Dimensions19.8 x 9.8 x 20.8 cm
product Weight460 g
Headphone TypeWired
Sound Drivers40mm

There is a famous saying, that ‘the best is kept for the last, and here we are with the best headphones under 1000 from Ant Esports H560. Some of you must be feeling the unnecessary need for exaggeration here but trust us the headphones from Ant that too in this price range will boggle your mind. The beautiful-looking headphone with their ergonomic design gives you not only comfort but also the best acoustic experience with its enhanced, high-graded 40mm magnetic neodymium sound drivers will give the immersive experience that you as an individual might be long looking for.

External audio control features such as the mute on/off and the volume control, supported by its braided wire quality, make it a standout product. Students, gamers, even professionals, corporate heads, and business owners can make use of such good-looking features without any hesitation. Let’s find out some of its other features in form of Pros and Cons


  • Premium looks with a finish that is irresistible to miss out
  • 40mm magnetic neodymium sound drivers for complete bass immersive hearing experience
  • Great Compatibility with apple, windows, android based product platforms including gaming section heads the Xbox, PS4, and Nintendo to name a few
  • RGB Lighting for gaming atmosphere
  • On-set volume control functionality


  • Limited Color option
  • No voice assistant functionality
  • Much weightier


Choosing your favorite headphones cannot be at all easy, but to make it helpful, we bring you the best headphones under the 1000 price category, just to make your life easy. The above-mentioned headphones are of the best quality and are from some of the most trusted brands.

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So, whether you are choosing a headphone for your daily needs or a professional purpose, we assure you that the aforementioned headphones will justify every point that why you as an individual should invest in a product because buying isn’t important but knowing what that product is, makes it more interesting. So, without wasting any time, just hold on to the best headphones under 1000 of your likes, parallely claiming ownership.

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