Best Earbuds Under 1000

The current era that we are living in is sort of a revolution itself where things are changing so fast that it is becoming almost impossible to understand whether such things are possible or not. Don’t overthink, as we are talking about the best earbuds under 1000 price category here. Earlier, listening to songs or calling someone were two separate matters of interest, but today as technology has evolved so much, listening to music and making calls are included under a single device called earbuds.

Best Headphones Under 1000.

In this article, we will highlight some of the earbuds that we consider to be the best earbuds under 1000 price category, that too without any compromise. So, without wasting any time, let’s delve deeper into the details/specifications/features of these great devices and see what best suits your needs before purchasing for yourself or your loved ones.

1. pTron Bassbuds

ModelBassbuds Plus
Product Weight‎40 g
Headphone TypeWireless (Bluetooth)
Sound Drivers8mm
Battery Life3-4 hours

Beauty of these earbuds under 1000 are that they are built in India. On top of that these earbuds come in 4 distinctive colors that make it almost impossible for the purchaser to set his/her eyes away from this beautiful piece of machinery. What else you’ll find as an additive in the device? To start with, the ergonomic design will give you the design as well as the comfort for longer duration, secondly, the powerful sound drivers will help you listen to a balanced variety of music and also enjoy crystal clear HD call quality for better communication.

But let’s say, you are more of a fitness freak who loves to enjoy listening to music while sweating at the gym or so, then also, one does not need to worry as the earbud comes protected under the rating IPX4 (Sweat & Water Resistant). To support all these features, a wireless earbud needs to have enough battery back-up as well, which comes in the form of a 300 mAh battery, providing 3-4 hours of backup in a single charge i.e., 1.2 hours.


  • Great under the price category
  • 4 distinctive shades
  • Durable Case with battery level indicator
  • 8mm sound drivers for a balanced level of music
  • Latest BT Version (5.0)
  • 3-4 hours of battery back-up
  • Sweat and Water Drop resistant (IPX4)
  • Quick Pairing system


  • Battery life could have been better

2. Zebronics Zeb-Sound Bomb 1

ModelBassbuds Plus
Product Dimension5.7 x 5.7 x 3 cm
Product Weight‎45 g
Headphone TypeWireless (Bluetooth)
Sound Drivers6mm
Battery Life10-12 hours

Now, these earbuds under 1000 are from Zebronics, are for those who love listening to music with less bass, but it does not mean that the music you hear has no value added to it, instead, the earbuds have a very balanced sound with good levels of mids and lows. But you know what is cooler about this product? It is the color shades that it comes into. Mention, it comes in Pure black, Blue, Orange, and Yellow, which means different shades for different temperaments.

In a pure sense, these are the best earbuds under 1000 and are for those who need the best in less. Let’s focus on some other additives of this cool device, which firstly come in the form of its ergonomics that fits perfectly for ears that like using it for longer durations, secondly, the latest version of Bluetooth, that gives you the extensiveness to use it at longer range (10m). For users who like to be on calls more than listening to music, the built-in mic system makes it all. Also, in case you are into fitness and stuff, the splash-proof ability does all the justice.


  • Available in 4 vibrant Shades
  • Four Dot battery level indicator
  • Type-C charging for faster charging
  • Splash Proof such as Sweat, small water droplets
  • Voice Assistance from Siri/Google


  • Sound Drivers could have been much better
  • Battery Back-up

3. FUR JADEN AirJams GameX

FUR JADEN AirJams GameX Bluetooth 5.2 Gaming Headphone Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth Headset

Rs. 999 in stock
Last update was on: August 3, 2023 6:05 am
ModelAirJams GameX
BT Version5.2
Product Weight‎45 g
Headphone TypeWireless (Bluetooth)
Sound Drivers10mm
Battery Life4-5 hours

The earbuds under 1000 that you are looking at, are not much heard of, but if you look at their features, you’ll probably be dumbstruck, especially at the particular price range. So, you must be thinking now about what is so special about these earbuds and why should one invest in them when there are already effective-looking options out there. The answer to these questions simply lies in the product itself. We’ll start with the sound, which has the support of 10mm sound drivers for an immersive sound experience with some extra bass.

These earbuds are best to those whose likes are more into gaming things especially due to its low latency and secondly, because the 10mm extra bass, not only gives you bass in the music but also provides crystal clear sound in the game such as gun-shots, footsteps, and so on. To support the eardrums, the product from Fur Jaden offers HD MIC support for effective communication.


  • Aggressive design with case lights
  • Powerful battery backing with 20 hours of playback support
  • Available with the latest BT V5.2
  • Low Latency support up to 60MS
  • Sweat & Water Drop resistant
  • Uses TruBass technology for good bass sound
  • Dual HD Mics supported on both sides of the earbuds


  • Limited Color options

4. pTron Bassbuds Duo

Model‎Bassbuds Duo
BT Version5.1
Product Weight‎43 g
Headphone TypeWireless (Bluetooth)
Sound Drivers13mm
Battery Life32 Hours (Playtime)

These earbuds are from pTron again, only the model’s name has changed this time. To continue speaking of this beautiful white color earbud, honestly, we just have one word and i.e., ‘Awesome’. The product from pTron can be your best earbuds under 1000 price category. To explain the “why’s”, probably you need to check with us its awesome features and then question yourself as “Why Not”

To begin with, we would like to highlight the main USP (Unique Selling Proposition) of these earbuds and i.e., the 13mm sound drivers and the 32 hrs. playtime. Now, this may sound insane for users who already invested 3k to 4k in earbuds like these but trust us, it is as true as it seems. So, what else do the earbuds contain as features? It supports multifunction touch control for music and calls, Voice assistant Siri/Google, backed by A2DP technology for quick pairing just after first pairing, built-in mic support in both earbuds, and not least, the latest BT version.


  • Simplistic design
  • Powerful bass drivers
  • Supports the latest BT v5.1
  • Supports up to 32 hours of playtime in a single charge
  • Water and sweat resistant (IPX4)
  • Dual Mic option in both earbuds
  • Voice assistance (Siri/Google)


  • Limited Color options
  • Not suitable for Gamer as no mention of low latency

5. Zebronics Zeb-Sound Bomb 5

BT Version5.0
Product Weight‎41 g
Headphone TypeWireless (Bluetooth)
Sound Drivers10mm
Battery Life22 Hours (Playtime)

As the name suggests, the earbuds under 1000 are from the brand Zebronics, are a bomb, and why we say so is because of a few reasons. First, the earbuds come flashing in 5 different colors, i.e., Red, White, Black, Pink & Blue. Secondly, the 10mm sound drivers that give an edge to the sound the user is looking for. The feature that adds more value to the earbuds is its 22hrs playback time, enabling the user to spend his leisure time more peacefully.

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But what if you are out of charge and desperately need the instrument again, don’t worry, the type-C charging port is there to make your life easy. Just a few minutes of charging and you’re ready to proceed, that’s how simple it is. Zebronics for its wireless range of earbuds have launched several products but out of all of them, the Zebronics Zeb-Sound Bomb 5, stands out quite differently.


  • Feels premium in all its color shades
  • Ergonomic design gives it a comfy feel making it suitable for every ear
  • Strong 22hr playback time
  • Voice Assistant feature on both Android and iOS
  • Strong bass sound drivers


  • Not very suitable for gamers community
  • Bluetooth version is this price range is better in other products
  • No Multifunction control setup

6. truke Fit 1

truke Fit 1 Bluetooth Truly Wireless in Ear Earbuds with Mic (Black)

Rs. 699 Rs. 4,999
Last update was on: August 6, 2023 12:06 am
Brandtruke Fit 1
ModelFit 1
BT Version5.1
Product Weight‎41 g
Headphone TypeWireless (Bluetooth)
Sound Drivers10mm
Battery Life48 Hours (Playtime)

On the sixth position, we present to you a very less known brand but surprisingly very impressive, truke Fit 1. These earbuds under 1000, are not different from their competitors but when it comes to the gaming experience, the product suits well in the category. Now you must be thinking, how come? To understand this, we need to focus on the product’s low latency of 85MS which makes it suitable for any gamer out there.

So, if you are also a player who is willing to spend your savings on buying the best earbuds under 1000, then probably these good-looking earbuds that come in attractive two colors i.e., Black and Blue, can be yours. But what makes it more special, can be seen in its pros and cons mentioned below.


  • German touch
  • Case-built Battery level indicator
  • Supported by v5.1 Bluetooth
  • Low latency makes it the perfect choice for all the gamers
  • Strong Bass Sound drivers which are suitable even for music lovers
  • Water & Sweat Resistant (IPx4), making it perfect for gym sessions
  • Ergonomically proven


  • Limited Color options
  • Looks bulky

7. Ambrane Dots

BT Version5.1
Product Weight50 g
Headphone TypeWireless (Bluetooth)
Sound Drivers13mm
Battery Life19 Hours (Playtime)

These earbuds under 1000 from Ambrane are specially crafted for gamers who love gaming but are fed up using headphones that are bulky with unnecessary long wires. But if you as a user are a real admirer of a Bluetooth earbud, then you might be glad to know that these earbuds offer 46MS up to low latency, which we think is the least amongst all that we see out there in the market.

So, you might question, is it only the latency or do the earbuds have some other features too? The answer is a big ‘Yes’ because apart from the aforementioned features, the product from Ambrane also offers strong 13mm sound, drivers, appealing case LED, comfortable ear comfort, multifunction touch control such as play/pause, volume control, connect/disconnect feature, and never the least, the Voice assistant. But to add a bit more, suppose you come from a gamer as well as belong to a fitness community, then the water cum sweat resistant feature would entice your senses.


  • Perfect for the Gamers community due to its low latency
  • Strong Bass, supported by 13mm sound drivers to hear music as well as the surrounding in the game with crystal clarity
  • 19 hours of playtime
  • Multifunction Touch controls as mentioned above
  • Splash Proof (IPx4)
  • Supports the latest bluetooth version (5.1) to give quick connectivity even in longer range


  • Limited Color options
  • Playtime should have been much better

8. WeCool Moonwalk Mini

Model‎Moonwalk Mini
BT Version5.2
Product Weight34 g
Headphone TypeWireless (Bluetooth)
Battery Life30 Hours (Playtime)

These earbuds under 1000 that we bring to you the next, are yet another great in the category, and why we say so is just because of the features the product from WeCool Mini possesses. Did you start scratching your head, if yes, then please don’t because what we are going to reveal would be quite familiar but probably with a few changes?

We’ll begin with the sound quality and to be honest, it sounds terrific with its AI-powered environmental noise cancellation, making it sound even better with no outside distraction. Speaking of other features, the lightweight design, long battery mAh, and latest BT version with splash-free protection make the combination altogether more deadly. What attracts the most about these earbuds is their ultra-lightweight design, with the ergonomic ability to comfort your ears even for long hours.


  • Comes packed in a compact case
  • With 34 gms, making it feel ultra-light and easy to travel
  • Hi-stereo sound
  • Snug fit even while you are in the gym. Tightly holds on to your ears with splashproof assistance
  • Comes powered by AI-Powered Environmental Noise Cancellation
  • Multifunction touch control options available.


  • Body material feels of inferior quality
  • No mention of sound drivers
  • Limited Color options
  • Not suitable for gamers
  • No dual Mic supports

9. Attrrix True

BT Version5.1
Product WeightLight
Headphone TypeWireless (Bluetooth)
Battery Life150 Hours (Playtime)

Presenting to you for the first time, earbuds under 1000 from Taiwan. Not only limited to the country of origin, but the features also if you notice are very great, making it a versatile choice not only for avid music listeners but also gamers due to its low latency mode option. If someone asks about the specialty of these earbuds, we would say their playtime ability to serve up to 150 hours and the low latency mode would be a great option for all the gamers out there.

So, speaking of the plus involved, we would suggest that if you want to use these pairs of earbuds to your ears for longer hours, then the 8 hours of playtime would do all the justice. But suppose, you as a user want to make it worth even during your workout sessions, then you most probably would get disappointed. Apart from the aforementioned, the wireless device has superior sound quality, supported by 10mm sound drivers, the latest Bluetooth version (5.1) support, one key control, and an in-case battery display indicator.


  • The touch from Taiwan
  • Box case to fit into your purse or pocket perfectly
  • Low latency support for gamers
  • Latest Bluetooth support for quick connectivity, even at a longer range


  • Feels bulky
  • Limited color options available
  • The case feels of inferior quality, especially when compared to its competitors.

10. Mivi Duopods A25

BT Version5.0
Product WeightLight
Headphone TypeWireless (Bluetooth)
Battery Life40 Hours (Playtime)

As famously said, that the best is always kept for the last, seems clear here. It’s because the earbuds under 1000 that we are going to talk about is made in India and not only that but comes embedded with huge added value. To begin with, let’s start with the colors. The Mivi Duopods come in fantastic 5 different colors that are Black, Blue, Midnight Blue, White, & Red. But if you are thinking that the features of the displayed device end with color options, then you for sure are wrong.

To brag some great features about his made-in-India product is that it has a superior studio quality signature sound, which is enough for an immersive sound experience, secondly, and most importantly, is the 40 hrs. music playtime. But suppose, if you are into fitness and feel committed to taking care of your health with intense workout sessions with a bit of added music in it, then the IPx4 rated, water cum sweat proof protection is what you’ll be getting from this product.


  • Fits Snugly into ears even for a longer duration
  • Thumping bass Quality
  • Water cum sweat proof rated (IPx4)
  • All control through a simple touch such as taking calls, commanding Siri, changing songs, and so on
  • Powerful 40 hours of playtime.


  • Not very best for Gamers
  • Not mention of sound drivers
  • No dual mic support option separately


So, guys, this is all from us. To make the choice, first, you need to understand what your needs are and then invest your time and money in products like these. However, there are 100s of earbuds out there, but to help you, we through this article make sure, to bring you the top 10 and the best earbuds under 1000 price category suiting your best needs. For more such information, keep visiting our website.

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Happy Reading!!

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