Best Gaming headphones under 2000

Are you a gamer who is looking out for the best gaming headphones under 2000 price category and to begin with? Or, if you are a gamer who wants to build his career playing games and have a beautiful future like the famous Mortal, Jonathan Jude Amaral or Raj ‘SNAX’ Varma to name a few from BGMI?

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Then you probably are in the right place to find what you were looking for. But before you go ahead into the details of the best headphones available, please note that it’s not the car who makes the driver perfect, but the driver himself who knows how to drive well. So, we hope you got the message and will have the idea to do what, and in choosing the right headphone, because if you don’t, the probability of you saying the famous BGMI (recently PUBG) dialogue, “PATT se headshot” would rather look gloomy than vice-versa. So, without further ado, let’s get started,

1. Ant Esports H1100 Pro

Key Specifications

Brand‎Ant Esports
Model‎H1100 Pro Black
Item Weight‎302 g
Speaker Size50mm
Connector TypeUSB 3.5mm
Product Dimensions‎18.5 x 9 x 20.5 cm
Noise CancellationYes

The Ant Esports H1100 Pro is an ideal headset for best gaming headphones under 2000 category. A very professional headphone with superior sound quality, lightweight comfort, and a foam that is breathable can be a perfect companion to the users who love gaming and especially when the gaming is for a prolonged time. The audio performance of this wired headphone is so much so that its 50mm directional drivers sound position gets directly into ears providing you a perfect gaming grade sound quality.


  • It has flip to mute noise cancellation capability providing more clarity to the sound
  • Also has flip to mute functionality to provide gamers offline chats with the team mates you are playing
  • Has 3-D draping ear cups for better sound experience
  • Has 3.5mm jack suitable for both smartphones as well as the laptop or other systems
  • Compatible with all gaming options such as Nintendo switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox and also support all three platforms i.e., Android, iOS and Windows
  • RGB Illuminated LED earcups giving you a perfect feel


  • Average Bass

2. Redgear Cosmo 7.1

Key Specifications

ModelCosmo 7.1
Item Weight‎608 g
Speaker Size50mm
Connector Type3.5mm jack
Product Dimensions‎23.7 x 11.2 x 21.7 cm
Noise Cancellationyes
ColorBlack & White

The next in the list of best gaming headphones under 2000 we bring to you is the Redgear Cosmo 7.1, an ultimate gaming partner for those who truly like to immerse themselves in a complete gaming experience. So, what do you get from this attractive device? You get 7.1 surround sound quality, built-in noise cancellation, premium and effective looking memory foam, RGB light lights with 3.5 jack experience and what not. It is a complete gamer headphone and the best gaming headphones under 2000 price category.


  • Looks very premium and will definitely catch attention once you wear
  • Has an inbuilt noise cancellation option to provide you with an immersive experience and likelihood to win as much as games one wants.
  • Has an ultimate 7.1 surround quality to give you the feel of every bit of it.
  • As per company’s claim, the drivers are customizable
  • The RGB LED lighting on the back of these headphones gives a gamer effect
  • Comes along with a 3.5mm jack suitable for both smartphone, laptop and other devices.


  • Feels bulky when compared to its competitors
  • Bass is not as good as it seems.
  • MIC can face issues while connecting to some smartphones

3. BoAt Immortal IM-200

Key Specifications

ModelImmortal IM200
Item Weight‎350 g
Speaker Driver Size50mm
Product Dimensions21 x 12 x 22.2 cm

If you are a gamer and in search of a wired best gaming headphones under 2000 that not only gives you the ability to play but also provides you with the best in quality 7.1 channel virtual surround audio, then you can have it in the form of BoAt Immortal IM-200. Now you must think, why this and not something else? The answer to this question lies within the headphone itself.

The key features of this attractive looking headphone come in the form of a 50mm driver speaker to provide you an immersive sound experience, its trademarked ENx technology, providing you a crystal-clear communication between you and the partners playing with you and many more. Another great feature to add about this device it its 6 different shades availability i.e., Black Sabre, Viper Green, White Sabre, Raging Red, Active black, Furious Blue.


  • Has support of 50mm drivers for strong boost of sound and perfect gaming experience
  • The in built 7.1 channel virtual surround audio for total immersive experience
  • Customizable MIC and Driver customization
  • For better game feel, the headphones come along with Backlit RGB lightings on its ear cups
  • Premium design
  • Comes in six different shades that one can rarely resist for.
  • Good build quality being lightweight


  • Has USB connector and not a 3.5mm jack for universality
  • Sound quality doesn’t seem crystal clear as it displays
  • Mic seems not clear at some situations

4. JBL Quantum 50

JBL Quantum 50 Wired Gaming Headset(White, Blue, In the Ear)

Rs. 1,649 Rs. 2,499 out of stock
Flipkart Flipkart
Last update was on: June 1, 2024 7:15 am
ModelQuantum 50
Item Weight20 g
Speaker Size8.6 mm
Designed ForAndroid, iOS

When it comes to sound, how can one leave talking about the brand JBL. From JBL there’s a beautiful model called Quantum 50 in this list of best gaming headphones under 2000. The headphones with its 8.6mm drivers powered by JBL’s quantum sound signature is something you’ll rarely want not to be missing, if you’re a true gamer and who loves sound with utmost dominance. So apart from sound what makes this headphone different from its competitors, and the answer to this question lies with the master slider that the headphone and to support this excellent feature there is a feature to even mute your opponents in the game using a dedicated mute button and play without any further disturbance.

Another great feature that makes this headphone a must to have things, is its multi-platform compatibility, which means, it supports Xbox, PlayStation, MAC, Nintendo switch, VR, widening your scopes to whole new level.


  • Comes lighter in weight and amazing two-color options
  • Is built to play widely through mobile users and supports in tandem the other platforms as mentioned above
  • Ergonomically is fit for ear’s health which comes in the form of its ultra -soft silicone
  • Has 8.6mm drivers for bass lovers
  • Consists of in-built Microphone


  • Should have had 90 degrees jack angle
  • 8.6mm drivers does not support the bass you must be expecting and could have been a bit better
  • No IP Resistant or water proofing feature
  • No Noise cancellation feature

5. Eksa E3000

Key Specifications

ModelE3000 Dark Black
Item Weight540 g
Speaker Size50mm magnetic neodymium driver
Product Dimensions23 x 20.2 x 9.7 cm
Connector type3.5mm

While talking of the best gaming headphones under 2000, the name that stands in fifth position in our list is the Eksa E3000. Now you as reader might be thinking this to be another piece of unhelpful device but trust us, the product will surpass all your expectations.

Some key features about this headphone comes in the form of a 50mm magnetic neodymium driver that makes it standout to its competitors with same specs, whereas, talking of other features, Noise canceling, ergonomic design, multi-platform capability with minimal looking but very effective dedicated button for mute and volume rocker functionality, not only add on and on features to it but also makes it the best gaming headphone under 2000.


  • Ergonomically fits all parameter making it useful during long hauls
  • Multi-Platform compatibility widening you gaming scopes with friends and family
  • Powerful drivers to make your gaming experience a next level thing
  • Comes enabled with 360-degree rotating noise design to improvise your convenience with proper noise cancellation mic positioning
  • Comes along with 1-to-2 3.5 audio jack cable making it suitable for all devices
  • Backlit LED lights adding more fun to gaming
  • Breathable and super soft Ear-muffs for maximized comfort


  • Does not include IP rating or water-resistant support

6. Cosmic Byte G2050

Key Specifications

BrandCosmic Byte
Item Weight‎350 g
Speaker Size50mm
Product Dimensions18 x 13 x 13
Connector typeDigital USB

The next in the list of best gaming headphones under 2000 we bring to you is the Cosmic Byte G2050. Now the wired headphone that you see is not that different from others but even the slightest of changes makes a product standout amongst its competitors, we all know. So, let’s look at the few plus & minuses of this beautiful looking product and which can be your best gaming headphone under 2000.

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The Cosmic Byte G2050 headphones come in two shades i.e., colors in blue & Red alongside the bands that help you cover your head, are amazingly flexible. Other cool features of this headphone include 7.1 surround sound, backlit RGB display showcasing you a gamer from the gamer’s community and what not. So, to understand more precisely, let’s ponder upon a few of the pros and cons the headphone includes.


  • They come in beautiful two colors i.e., red and blue
  • The jelly type material gives a flexible moment to his Mic for your voice to be heard clearly
  • Provides 7.1 surround sound feature to conquer every in which play with clarity
  • On the headphone cable comes attach is he easy to access on cable controller and a USB input for ease in operation
  • Comes along is 10 band software equalizers to give control and access on your own voice settings based on different energy levels


  • Does not support any IP Rating
  • No Noise cancellation
  • Ergonomically doesn’t look very comfortable despite company’s claim

7. EKSA E7000 Fenrir

Key Specifications

Item Weight‎450 g
Speaker Size50mm
Product Dimensions21 x 19.3 x 10.4 cm
Connector typeUSB + 3.5mm jack

Here comes again in the list of best gaming headphones under 2000 from EKSA again but this time with a new arrival and different model name. Presenting to you is the EKSA E7000 Fenrir. From Eksa this is the second model that we are presenting to you. Reason being for this advert is purely the merits the headphones possess. You’ll be surprised to know that the new arrival comes along with a Werewolf image which you as a user will find quite intriguing.

The monochrome lighting and the distinctive design methodology adopted while making this headphone makes it truly a gamers choice with more better features than its predecessors. Let’s look upon the Pros and Cons the headphone coming in two shades consists of.


  • Looks distinctive with its werewolf carved image and the green backlit making it looks more aggressive.
  • The headset brings complete pleasure to the user even if continues playing uninterrupted for 8 hours straight
  • Superior 50mm over ear driver speakers to drive you crazy with the terrific background noise it will produce
  • Multi-platform compatibility such as PC, PS4, PS5, Nintendo switch
  • The best feature includes the 1-to-2, 3.5mm audio jack cable and US-A type connector
  • Supports Noise Cancelation via Mic


  • Does not include IP Rating
  • Does not color options available

8. Ant Esports H1000

Ant Esports H1000 Pro Wired Over Ear Headphones With Mic (Black)

Rs. 1,299 Rs. 3,999
Last update was on: June 1, 2024 7:15 am

Key Specifications

Brand‎Ant Esports
ModelH1000 Pro
Item Weight‎550 g
Speaker Size50mm
Product Dimensions‎19.8 x 9.8 x 20.8 cm
Connector typeTRRS Connector with Splitter adapter

The eighth headphone in the list of best gaming headphones under 2000 that we want to introduce you with is the model again from a leading brand named as Ant Esports H1000. You all must have got an idea of what that brand ANT focuses upon and how the brand has parallelly made it fall under the best gaming headphones under 2000 price categories allowing all the gamers cherish the comfortable experience it provides.

So, what Ant Esports H1000 features itself as and what addons it consists of, will look below. Coming directly to the point, the headset comes along with 50mm stereo magnetic neodymium drive, multi-Platform compatibility, ergonomically designed inclusive of 4th generation metal body material. Due to its multi-platform compatibility, there are TRRS connectors with splitter adapters to support all gaming modules.


  • Ergonomically satisfying
  • Looks elegant with its RGB lighting
  • Made up of 4th generation light weight metal
  • Support Multi-platform compatibility with effective two-faced TRRS connector
  • Comfortable and soft ear-muffs for your extensive gaming support.


  • Does not have color options available
  • Does not support any IP Rating
  • No Noise cancellation feature

9. Redgear Trident

Redgear Trident Wired Over Ear Headphones with Mic (Black)

Rs. 1,686 Rs. 2,699
Last update was on: June 1, 2024 7:15 am

Key Specifications

Model‎Trident 7.1
Item Weight‎332 g
Speaker Size50mm
Product Dimensions23 x 17 x 10 cm
Connector typeUSB

The last but not the least we bring to you in this list of best gaming headphones under 2000, is the Redgear Trident from the brand boat once again. The beauty of this wonderful looking headset is that it has 7 color breathing LEDs making it look lively. Secondly, the amazing feature about the product is that it has 7.1 surround sound that comes with the help of its 50mm driver.

The super soft extra soft ear-muffs is something that provides a closed-up design for long haul gaming sessions. But amazingly, despite so much functionality and features the products occur to be extremely light and the best for long gaming sessions. So, let’s now focus on the pros and cons of this product.


  • Feels Premium with its black and 7 colors backlit LEDs
  • User will feel immersive sound experience due to its 7.1 surround sound
  • To avoid unwanted outside noise it comes supported with an in-built omni directional microphone with noise cancellation feature
  • Has extra soft ear-muffs to support your long-haul gaming desires and in parallel giving you the best gaming experience throughout with clarity.
  • The head comes supported by in-built 7 LED light changer with breathing effect making it look more alive.


  • No extra color shades than Black
  • No Water Resistant or proofing support
  • Does not mention anything about multiple platform compatibility
  • Has only USB connector support and not along with an additional jack.


So, you look above the best gaming headphones under 2000 price category. Well, if you are a gamer and you are short of money or not, it doesn’t matter, the wired headphones we mentioned above suit all pockets. But the important thing is that no matter which headphone you buy, just keep a few things in mind: mainly, the comfort of the ear-muffs, sound quality and how it sounds to others while speaking, that all is required. An additive IP rating could have added more value to the device.

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Happy Reading!!

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