Best Refrigerator Price 5000 to 10000

Refrigerators are an important part of every individual or family person’s life and if it wasn’t there, then probably you might think about the consequences, as humans, we would have faced and speaking of refrigerators, in this article we would focus on the same subjects and how these best refrigerator price 5000 to 10000 price range can make your life easy. So, let’s understand not only the product and brand but also about the features involved.

1. Godrej Qube

Godrej 30 L Qube Personal Cooling Solution (TEC Qube 30L HS Q103, Black)

Rs. 7,990 Rs. 8,990
Last update was on: June 1, 2024 3:21 am
ModelTEC Qube 30L HS Q103 Black
Capacity‎30 liters
Item Dimensions15 x 19 x 18 Centimeters
Item Weight11 kg
Form FactorSingle Door

As the name suggests the Godrej Qube, so does the fridge’s appearance, to be honest. The ‘Made in India’ product from Godrej is a name that probably any Indian household will not know. The Godrej Qube is a cool, compact, convenient refrigerator that works on an advanced solid state electronic cooling technology making it 100 percent environment friendly.

But do you know what makes the fridge to be a hassle-free product, it’s primarily because the 30 L fridge that you see, does not make ice and hence there is no need of defrosting it. Another beauty of this fridge is that it has a completely silent operation and makes no noise at all, because it doesn’t have a compressor. But you must also be thinking, if the refrigerator does not have a compressor, then how does it do the refrigeration?

The answer to this question lies in its built. Godrej uses 5CM thick PUF insulation, which helps in keeping stuff cool without spoiling them. What about an inverter? The answer is a big ‘Yes’. Yes, Godrej Qube refrigerator works on an inverter as well making it a never-ending operation as well as the best refrigerator price 5000 to 10000 category.


  • Very Compact and Convenient
  • Useful in every corner of your premise (Home or office)
  • Supports 10 Days replacement in case you don’t like the product
  • 1-year Product warranty
  • The fridge interior has Dual LED lights for illumination
  • Cooling Capacity – 8 Degrees – 10 degrees


  • The user cannot store Ice-Creams in it.

2. Midea Star

Midea 45 L Direct Cool Single Door 2 Star Refrigerator(Silver, MDRD86FGE31)

Rs. 7,890 Rs. 10,990 out of stock
Flipkart Flipkart
Last update was on: June 1, 2024 3:21 am
Capacity‎45 liters
Item Dimensions47.2 x 45 x 49.2 Centimeters
Item Weight13 kg 700 g
Form FactorSingle Door
Energy Efficiency2 Star

The refrigerator that you see from the brand Midea star is the best refrigerator price 5000 to 10000 category, although isn’t popular enough as Godrej but when it comes to features, it surpasses it all in the given category. Speaking of features, let’s understand what the silver color refrigerator has in store for all of us.

To begin with, it is a single door fridge that has a prebuilt Recess handle sort of structure, so that the user can open and close the fridge easily. But once you open it, you’ll find a chiller compartment with a timer for keeping stuff like small deep freezer types such as Ice Cream, or so, and then what you see will be a full coverage chilling compartment, parted into two sections to keep essentials like fruits and vegetables, secondly, the inner door section itself having a small portion right at the top of the door to keep juice or soft drink-cans and beneath that section for big bottles.

But to keep all these things working, there are a few technical aspects that one’s should keep in mind before purchasing and those are, the reciprocating compressor that is designed for high efficiency of the fridge for longer years, secondly and most importantly refrigerant R600, which is an ecological gas for less energy consumption and without harming the OZONE layer or affecting global warming. But what if you have electricity fluctuation as a major problem!! Don’t worry, the refrigerator from Midea Star comes equipped with an inbuilt Stabilizer.


  • Looks premium in its silver color that comes along with a Door Lock
  • The inner compartments come attached with Dual LED lights for swift access during the night times as well
  • Comes with 1 year Product and 5 years compressor warranty


  • Nothing as such

3. Hisense

Energy Efficiency2 Star
Capacity46 liters
Item Dimensions44.5 x 46.8 x 50 Centimeters
Item Weight13 kg 800 g
Form FactorSingle Door

The refrigerator price 5000 to 10000 category, here for you is a good Chinese brand that has all the functionality that a fridge should have. We are here talking about the brand from Hisense, which comes in an elegant looking Black color finish. But if we go deeper into the product, we’ll find some very important functionalities added to it.

To begin with, we’ll start from the front of the door, which has the branding of Hisense on it along with a beautifully carved recessed handle at the top edge of the door, to provide the user complete ease in accessing the door to open and close. Then once you’ll open the door, on the top right and left indoor corners of the fridge you’ll find a chiller compartment and a mechanical controller KNOB switch to adjust the temperature, respectively.

Just beneath, the mechanical control KNOB and the chiller compartment, you’ll find an open spacious space, parted into two separate sections (Up/Down) so that it can provide you ease while dividing the essentials exactly per the need demands. Even the door inner section has enough space to store cans or 2 ltr. big bottles when it’s required. The main beauty of this fridge is its Reversible door functionality that gives the user the freedom to open either side (Right/Left) that fits you the most.


  • Comes with an inbuilt fan and a robust compressor
  • Comes equipped with adjustable four leg options
  • Equipped with a Mechanical Controller to adjust the temperature of the fridge at MID, LOW, or Medium depending on your need.
  • Automatic Defrosting technology
  • Inner Shelf compartments are made up of tempered glass of premium quality to bear the weight of stuff kept inside
  • 10 days replacement policy with 1 year warranty on the product and 10 years warranty on the compressor.


  • Compressor feels a bit louder with 41 decibels

4. Haier

Haier 53 L 2 Star Direct-Cool Single Door Mini Refrigerator (HR-65KS, Black)

Rs. 12,450 Rs. 13,800
Last update was on: June 1, 2024 3:21 am
Energy Efficiency2 Star
Capacity53 liters
Item Dimensions49.4 x 47.6 x 67.6 Centimeters
Item Weight13 kg 800 g
Form FactorSingle Door

The refrigerator that we are going to discuss at this time is a brand from Vietnam. The fridge that you see here from Haier, needs no introduction especially when it comes to quality. But still, to understand exactly what it has in store for its user, one needs to deep dive inside to look at its terrific features.

We’ll start with the outward appearance which looks Black in color with 2 -star 179 units per year electric consumption tag on it, followed by an HAIER logo branding at the very top front of the refrigerator. But when we open and look inside the fridge, you’ll find an open compartment, segmented with three partitions.

Speaking of partitions, the partition in the very bottom will have a bit larger area to instore stuff like a whole cake or big utensil directly, whereas the second partition or the partition which is in the middle that comes along Temperature controller you’ll see would be a little smaller when compared to the bottom shelf, to store small items, or the box (tiffin) or fruits/vegetables and so on. But when it comes to the very top shelf, it will be the place where you can store stuff like ice trays or ice creams, using it as a chiller.

But the story doesn’t end here, as its door also contains some space, enough so that it can store 2-liter bottles and with a few cans on the top-right side or beneath the can be kept.


  • Looks very compact, convenient, and Direct cool single door mini refrigerator
  • It comes equipped with technology that gives it stabilizer free operation
  • Warranty for product covers 1 full year whereas the compressor gets an additional 5 years warranty
  • Uses quick Ice cooling technology to cool food items as quickly as possible. And also,
  • For proper hygiene and cleanliness, Removable Gasket makes it even more desirable
  • The inner shelf type is made up of toughened glass to withhold even heavier objects or containers
  • Very efficient in saving energy with NON-CFC refrigerants
  • One of the Best Refrigerator price 5000 to 10000 category.


  • No separate freezer compartments
  • Cannot be connected to the inverter in case of no electricity

5. AmazonBasics

Energy Efficiency1 Star
Capacity91 liters
Item Dimensions45.5 x 51.0 x 82.5 Centimeters
ColorCosmic Gray
Item Weight18 kg 600 g
Form FactorSingle Door

The refrigerator price 5000 to 10000 category that you see this time is from Amazon as AmazonBasics. The beautiful looking single door refrigerator with 91 liters of capacity comes fit for all age groups especially Bachelors, family, Hotel Rooms, Dorms and so on. But when it comes to its actual features and functionality, it is not limited to what has been explained above.

To understand more, let’s start with its outer experience, which has a Cosmic Gray shade with beautiful recessed handles on the top-front edge and the branding of AmazonBasics, and a power saving guide. But the real excitement starts when you open the front of the fridge because when you open it, you’ll find a 6L vegetable box right at the bottom to store enough quantity of vegetables, and on top of the vegetable box what you’ll find will be two shelves to keep necessary items such as milk packets, leftover vegetables, tiffin box, and many more other things.

Even the inner door area also has three toughened glass shelves for proper storage of large water/Cold Drink bottles and even to keep raw eggs. At the topmost shelf area of the refrigerator, you’ll find a chiller compartment with an adjustable temperature controller which will enable you as a user to store high melting food items such as Ice-creams and food items like fish, chicken or so for longer durations. But if you like to understand the technical aspects, look below.


  • Powerful cooling comes from its powerful reciprocating compressor that too with less noise
  • The good quality PUF insulation not only helps in good cooling but also helps in sustainable initiatives in the form of saving energy.
  • The refrigerator uses Quick Ice Formation technology for its ICE chamber unit
  • The refrigerator uses an industry standard approved BPA Free Gasket to maintain strong hygiene inside the fridge such as bacteria, fungi and so on.
  • The product covers a standard brand Warranty (18 months) with a first 10 days replacement policy
  • The refrigerator is fit without a stabilizer and comes inbuilt
  • Has flexibles payments options such as EMI, debit/credit card, net-banking


  • Standard Compressor Warranty of 18 months seems very less
  • 1-Star rating isn’t enough
  • Manual Defrosting

6. LG Electronics

LG 45 L Direct Cool Single Door 2 Star Refrigerator(Super White, GL-M051RSWC)

Rs. 3,945 Rs. 12,199 out of stock
Flipkart Flipkart
Last update was on: June 1, 2024 3:21 am
Energy Efficiency2 Star
Capacity45 L
Item Dimensions44.3 x 45 x 50.1 Centimeters
ColorSuper White
Item Weight25 Kgs
Form FactorSingle Door

The beautiful looking fridge that you see in Super White Color is from the brand LG. The 45 L single door (Direct Cool) refrigerator from LG is indeed a good machine to store your essentials such as eggs, fruits, Vegetables, leftovers, soft drinks, and hard drinks. But if you think that this description is enough to convince you then you are wrong.

So, to start with, we’ll speak of the refrigerator’s exterior which looks awesome with its LG branding, right on the top middle and if you notice, the same front door on the top will have an in-built recess handle for the quick open and close operation of the fridge. Now, let’s get inside the fridge and what we see is a large capacity storing space segmented into three partitions.

The topmost space contains a chiller compartment that comes attached with a manual temperature controller and which proves out to be best for storing sensitive food items like meat, fish frozen, ice-creams and all kinds of frozen items whereas when it comes to its remaining two shelves below, it can store other items whatever you feel like.

Even the door area has enough space to handle one big bottle (up to 2L), Cans, and a small cute shelf at the top-right where you can store eggs. But all this comes at the cost of the sacrifices the Linear type compressor makes every day and also making it one of the best refrigerators under 5000 to 10000 price category.


  • Looks beautiful in universal white color with its perfect compact and Practical design
  • Has a 10-year compressor warranty and 1 year Warranty with first 10 days replacement policy if you buy online
  • Suitable for all age limits and size
  • Budget friendly making it value for money


  • Manual Defrosting
  • Doesn’t require Stabilizers support

7. MarQ

MarQ By Flipkart 170 L Direct Cool Single Door 2 Star Refrigerator(Solid Blue, 170BD2MQB1)

Rs. 10,290 Rs. 12,999 out of stock
Flipkart Flipkart
Last update was on: June 1, 2024 3:21 am
Energy Efficiency2 Star
Capacity170 L
Item Dimensions54 x 58 x 10.4 Centimeters
ColorSolid Blue
Item Weight28 kgs
Form FactorSingle Door

Now the refrigerator that you see, would probably shake your senses. And why we say this is because of its outstanding features. We are talking about the brand MARQ in beautiful solid blue color. It also comes in another color i.e., solid wine color that might be of choice if you want. But let us tell you, these are not the only features the refrigerators have.

We will start with its exterior appearance which looks premium with its glossy finish and a silver color branding of its logo as ‘MARQ’, which is Flipkart’s brand. There is also a power saving guide that comes attached as a sticker on the front door panel that reflects a 2-star rating and electricity consumption of 192* as standard. From inside, you’ll find all the shelves made up of tempered glass equipped with plastic rims to bear and protect food items with heavy loads and spillage, respectively.

Speaking of Shelves, the 10 L vegetable crisper drawer is an eye-catcher, which comes along with enough storage space at its door side for keeping eggs and two dedicated shelves to store big and small bottles/cans. The topmost area of the refrigerator, which is the chiller compartment, works on the Turbochill feature offering best in class 1.2x cooling.

The fridge/refrigeratoralso supports freezing temperatures up to -23 degrees celsius. But to make all these functions work smoothly and effectively, the role of its reciprocatory compressor with its best-in-class cooling makes it more robust and desirable than before. Let’s understand its other features in the form of Pros and Cons.


  • Looks Premium in both the two colors and also enough dedicated storage space on the inside
  • Comes with BEE 2 – star rated standard
  • It makes use of eco-friendly R600A refrigerant for energy consumption, without depleting the Ozone layer and causing any harm to the environment
  • The refrigerator capillary material consists of copper material for smooth and long life.
  • Saves you extra money on Stabilizer as it doesn’t require one.
  • Removable Gasket to maintain a cleaner and hygienic environment inside.
  • Comes with 5 years compressor warranty


  • Manual Defrosting

8. Lloyd

Lloyd 91 L Direct Cool Single Door 1 Star Refrigerator(Grey, GLDC111RMGW1EB)

Rs. 11,599 Rs. 14,200 in stock
Flipkart Flipkart
Last update was on: June 1, 2024 3:21 am

LLOYD 91 L 1 Star Direct-Cool Single Door Fridge (GLDC111RMGW1EB, METALLIC GREY)

Energy Efficiency1 Star
Capacity91 L
Item Dimensions49.5 x 45.5 x 85.5 Centimeters
ColorMetallic Gray
Item Weight30 kgs
Form FactorSingle Door

Last but not least the best refrigerator under 10000, you would see would be from a brand called Lloyd, which is another big name in India and also abroad when it comes to electronic appliances such as Air conditioners, Water purifiers, and Refrigerators that we are talking about here. The beautiful looking refrigerator in Metallic Gray color and 91 liters storage capacity is something that would suit almost every age limit, class, standard, or size of the family if per say.

But after getting the exterior point of view, let’s understand what’s inside the cooling machine. When you the front door, you’ll find shelves on both sides of the fridge i.e., the main center one and on the door side. Speaking of Shelves, the main fridge shelves with a sizable vegetable drawer at the bottom with separate two shelves above, all with adjustable racks changing options.

The door section of the fridge has three shelves out of which the shelf at the bottom has larger space whereas the additional two above shelves are for normal food items and drinks storage. At the very top, you’ll find a Freezer/Chiller with an attached rotary temperature controller to adjust the temperature based on your need. But for the fridge to run on its full capacity rotary type compressor plays an important role.


  • 10 days replacement policy in case you don’t like the product and have purchased it online.
  • 4-year Warranty on compressor and 1 year on complete product


  • Doesn’t have any BEE star rating
  • Doesn’t have Removable Gasket feature
  • 1- Star rating feels below average in the product category
  • No mention of toughened glass interior
  • Compressor has Noise.
  • Overpriced in the category

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So, whether you are a student or a bachelor who is working, or an individual who has a family, the refrigerators that are being mentioned here can be different for different lifestyles but most importantly, they have the most significant feature of all, and this is cooling with ample space. Therefore, without worry, just book your favorite and best Refrigerator under 5000 to 10000 and enjoy its benefits along the way.

Happy Reading!!

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