Mini Refrigerator Price Below 5000

Are you looking for mini refrigerator price below 5000 and also thinking about whether it will be the best match for the standards you might be expecting for, then indeed you are in the right place because we in this article are going to present before the best mini refrigerators that not only suit your standards but also give you the specs like the cooling and heating with ample of space in it.

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1. Tropicool PortaChill

Tropicool PortaChill Black 5 L Car Refrigerator Chiller Cum Warmer (Black)

Rs. 4,949 Rs. 5,300
Last update was on: June 1, 2024 3:09 am
Capacity5 L
Item Dimensions‎25.5 x 21 x 26.5 cm
Item Weight2kg & 900 gms
TypeMini Refrigerator

When it comes to mini refrigerator price below 5000, the brand Tropicool PortaChill, tops all the time. It comes in a beautiful twin color Black and white shade that has a width of 7.5 inches, depth of 10 inches and height upto around 11 inches, making it a perfect choice for all the lone wolves out there.

Speaking of its capacity, 5 liters is the maximum one should expect for. But if you look on the outside, the fridge in its beautiful Black matt color finish with shiny black color lock system, looks absolutely stunning. But again, if you take a close look at the inside the Temperature limits upto, 5 degrees to 60 degrees, with removable shelves parted into two segments, makes it a perfect choice for users who own cars and plan tours quite often.

Speaking of space, it can hold upto 2 bottles with sizes upto 0.5 liters and other products like a small curd packet, a single fruit for you to enjoy once you leave for the office or college. 


  • Sturdy, small & compact
  • Works Single Thermostatic cooling Technology
  • Can be used in both Houses as well as Cars if you are a picnic lover
  • Has two modes of operation i.e., hot and cool
  • No use of bulky compressor or harmful refrigerants
  • Supports DC voltages upto 12/24 reducing the risks of shock
  • User Friendly, highly efficient & Versatile
  • 1 Year Warranty with first 10 days return policy in case you don’t like the product


  • Not suitable for a big family
  • No compressor means less cooling

2. FLAWISH Universal 5V

Capacity5 L
Item Dimensions12.7 x 10.16 x 10.16 cm
Item Weight130 gms
TypeMini Refrigerator

The second on the list of mini refrigerator price below 5000, is from FLAWISH Universal. The fridge that you see, works on DC voltage upto 12v with help of a USB connector that also in his wire has an inline black color toggle switch for smooth on/off operation.

Speaking of its outward appearance, it comes in elegant twin color form i.e., Silver and Black. But once you open the fridge, you’ll find some space without any partitions to help you occupy it with a can of beer or any other beverage. But when it comes to its cooling & heating technology, it can hold on upto 8-9 degrees and reach a heating temperature upto 40-65 degrees and while the machine is working, a White color LED light will indicate that the machine is working.

Now you as a user must be thinking that if the mini refrigerator price below 5000 doesn’t have a compressor, then how does it work? The answer to this question lies within its internal semiconductor electrodes with help of which the heating and cooling are done.


  • It’s completely compact
  • Suitable for a single individual who loves working single handedly for longer hours
  • There is a 7 days replacement policy in case you do want the product
  • Comes suitable for all kinds of Surface mount capabilities


  • Water Droplets are a common issue in humid environments
  • Supports only 12v and not 24volts making it less suitable for trucks
  • Limited color options
  • Not efficient if kept near hot temperature areas like the direct sun
  • Not suitable to store any kind of Carbonated drinks or similar

3. ElectroSky Mini Refrigerator

Capacity7.5 L
Item Dimensions29.97 x 18.03 x 32 cm
Item Weight1 kg 850 g
TypeMini Refrigerator

The third on the list of Mini Refrigerator price below 5000, we present to you is the brand from ElectroSky. Beautiful looking fridge in its blue and white color has an opening from above. But if you look at the lid part closely, you’ll find three holes, as a provision to keep three bottles in it.

On the back side, if you notice, you’ll find a silent thermoelectric fans/exhaust area to control the temperature whereas a connector of 12V DC supply and a switch with Cold and hot modes to operate from. Now if we talk about the interior part, withholding capacity upto 7.5 liters, it can hold beverage cans for upto 4-5 people and also bottles if you want to depend upon your need.

The beauty of this mini refrigerator is that it can reach temperatures levels below upto 50 degree Fahrenheit, whereas higher upto 149 Fahrenheit, making it suitable in all weather conditions. The made in India product is made up of ABS material making it a perfect fit for outdoor events such as Camping, Road Trip, Traveling, picnics and many more. But please note before you make use of this machine you should always make sure to make a 30 minutes halt before switching between the heating/Cold modes, making it the best


  • Comfortable and Compact for all kinds of outdoor events
  • Comes equipped with robust ABS material to maintain the temperature inside
  • Connection can be made using a simple USB type charger
  • Comes equipped with silent thermoelectric fans/exhaust at the backside
  • Easy to carry with help of its Shoulder strap with lengths upto 57.1 inches


  • Supports only 12v power supply
  • Has limited color options available
  • Not suitable for big families
  • No Return policy or Guarantee/Warranty on the product

4. Tenpac Mini Fridge

Item Dimensions8.89*7.87*19.30cm
ColorRed and White
Item Weight481.01 grams
TypeMini Refrigerator
Power Supply5 V

The fridge that you are looking at this time is a very compact Mini Refrigerator price below 5000, from Tenpac. It’s a USB mini fridge suitable only for one user at a time. The beautiful looking mini refrigerator from Tenpac comes in two color variants and which are black and red and the one we are here talking about is the red one.

The refrigerator that you see works in two mode options i.e., Cold and hot and is ideal for users who like to have a life of isolation such as in a cubicle, office, bedroom or car. The best part about this refrigerator is that it is durable and excellent in quality.

Speaking of its temperature range, the cooling goes below from 8-9 degree Celsius whereas when it’s about the heating part, it can reach temperature levels upto 40-65 degrees Celsius at a minimum power consumption upto 10W. You’ll not find ABS as its material type but plastic instead, which seems sort of a drawback. In the long run.


  • Excellent and compact for one user
  • With the USB cord you’ll find an In-line switch for smoother on/off control of the device
  • Once purchased you’ll find a first 10-days replacement policy on the device in case you dislike
  • Suitable for small cubicles, bedrooms, cars and so on


  • Not suitable for a family.
  • Better options are there when compared
  • No ABS material making it vulnerable to spoil in months
  • Does not support 12v-24V and probably would need an adapter taking up the cost levels
  • Does not support any kind of warranty or guarantee

5. Vybe Mini Refrigerator

Item Dimensions22 x 20 x 18 cm
Capacity7.5 Liters
ColorBlue and Gray
Item Weight1kg 900 gms
TypeMini Refrigerator
Power Supply12v

Speaking of a series of mini refrigerator price below 5000, we include in the list one more robust product from Vybe Mini-Refrigerator. The portable fridge with its amazing features is something that will catch your attention for sure. To begin with, we’ll start with the outward appearance once more.

In the picture you see, the fridge is blue and gray, giving it a premium feel and exposure. On the back side of the mini fridge, you’ll find silent thermoelectric fans/exhaust area to control the temperature whereas a connector of 12V DC supply and a switch with Cold and hot modes to operate from. Now if we talk about its interior, the color you’ll find will be white with a capacity of up to 7.5 liters, it can also hold beverage cans and bottles for 4-5 people depending on your requirement.

The beauty of this mini refrigerator is that it can reach temperature levels below 50 degrees Fahrenheit, while as high as 149 Fahrenheit, making it suitable in all weather conditions. The Made in India product is made of ABS material which makes it perfect for camping, road trips, travel, picnics and many other outdoor events. But please note that before using this machine you should always make sure that you make a 30-minute stop before switching between heating/cold modes.


  • Comes equipped and supported by ABS Material making it robust while its usage
  • Comes with separate cooling as well as heating indicators i.e., Red and Green and also a switch for smooth on/off functionality
  • The adjustable strap (120cm*3cm) option, gives you the leverage over long distance travel or so
  • The long 1.94 m power cable gives it a flexible moving option
  • As a safety feature, you get a 10A fuse in case of any excessive current flow or short circuit.
  • First 10 days replacement policy in case you don’t like the product
  • Suitable to store stuff like fruits, vegetables, meat, milk, curd, cold-drinks, hard drinks and many more.


  • Limited Color options
  • Supports only upto 12v options
  • Not suitable for big families
  • No Guarantee/Warranty on the product

6. Vybe Mini Refrigerator

Item Dimensions12 x 8 x 24 cm
Capacity7.5 Liters
ColorOff White
Item Weight1kg approx
TypeMini Refrigerator
Power Supply5v (DC)

Yet again, the mini refrigerator price below 5000, you’ll be looking at will be from Vybe. The beautiful looking fridge from Tenpac comes in premium looking off-white color from its exterior but when it comes to its interior the users will find it noteworthy when it comes to its competitors as it can hold upto two cans of cold or hard drinks (depending upon the size) and also an LED light inside for clear view.

So, no matter where you are heading towards USB type mini refrigerator will come in handy in all weather conditions. Speaking of its handiness, the miniature fridge type weighs upto 900 gms, making it extremely light and portable for longer durations. But do you know the amazing feature of this refrigerator? The refrigerator within 5 minutes of operation can cool down to a chilling temperature upto 8.5 degrees giving you the perfect drink on time too with a great power consumption of 10W.


  • Compact and lightweight
  • The power cord supports an in-line toggle switch for smoother on/off operation
  • Comes equipped with an LED on the inside to support you during night times
  • Robust ABS material
  • Can reach chilling temperatures upto 8.5 degrees in just 5 minutes
  • Has holding capacity for two cans at a time
  • Comes with 10-days replacement policy in case you don’t like the product
  • Suitable in all weather conditions
  • Support Hot/cold modes


  • Does not work effectively under direct sun
  • Limited color option
  • Does not support 12v-24V and probably would need an adapter taking up the cost levels
  • Does not support any kind of warranty or Guarantee option


These are mini refrigerators price below 5000. If you still feel confused about which refrigerators to purchase, just remember a few things before you make your call and that is ABS material, the max. & Min. cooling and heating temperature and whether it comes under any guarantee or warranty, rest all other things come as an add-on which may or may not add to what you might be looking for. For more such updates, stay connected.

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