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Instant Electric Water Heater Faucet

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Say Goodbye to Lukewarm! Instantly Enjoy Hot Water with the Instant Electric Water Heater Faucet

Never wait for hot water again! Instant Electric Water Heater Faucet delivers steaming hot water directly at your fingertips, making dishwashing, food prep, and handwashing a breeze.

Here’s why you’ll love it:

  • Blazing Fast Heating: 3 seconds is all it takes to transform cold water into a soothing warm flow, thanks to the powerful 3000W heating element.
  • Leakproof & Safe: Forget leaky faucets and safety concerns. Our advanced technology boasts real water separation, anti-dry protection, and high-pressure waterproof design for complete peace of mind.
  • Adorable Design & Handy Sprayer: The cute shape and vibrant colors add a touch of charm to your kitchen, while the 6-inch flexible sprayer with 360° rotation makes cleaning effortless.
  • Dual Function & Precise Control: Easily switch between hot and cold water with the intuitive tap handle. Plus, the real-time temperature display lets you fine-tune the heat to your liking.
  • Durable & User-Friendly: Crafted with a chrome-plated zinc body and an ABS plastic and stainless steel exterior, the [Product Name] is built to last. Easy installation by a qualified technician ensures hassle-free setup.

Upgrade your kitchen with the convenience and comfort of instant hot water. Instant Electric Water Heater Faucet is perfect for:

  • Fast dishwashing and vegetable rinsing
  • Warm handwashing and cleaning
  • Supplementing your existing water heater
  • Ideal for apartments, offices, and small spaces

Don’t settle for lukewarm! Order your Instant Electric Water Heater Faucet today and experience the instant satisfaction of hot water on demand!


Product Dimensions ‎10 x 8 x 6 cm; 250 Grams

Item Weight 250 g

Item Dimensions LxWxH 10 x 8 x 6 Centimeters

Net Quantity 1.00 count

Specification: Instant Electric Water Heater Faucet

Product Dimensions

‎10 x 8 x 6 cm; 250 Grams

Item Weight

250 g

Item Dimensions LxWxH

10 x 8 x 6 Centimeters

49 reviews for Instant Electric Water Heater Faucet

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  1. Jade

    Get it!!

    Ok so I read a bunch of reviews before making this purchase. It seemed out of all the cross waves pet pro versions out now this would be best on performance. I was skeptical bc I kept reading how much work and nasty the cleanup is. But I’m happy to say it works well and the cleanup is a breeze. When it started leaving dirt streaks ( I did 3 rooms already) I removed the brush rinsed it off and it wouldn’t streak anymore. Take’s literally less than a minute to do. I steamed my floors first to get any stubborn dirt up then went back over it with the Bissell and my floors came out clean and shiny. I probably had to clean the brush 2 times during the process. At the end I emptied the dirty water and rinsed the parts with warm water and put the vacuum on the base- simple.I have a 2 yr old that loves hanging out on the floor and DOGter bully. Even when the floor looks clean there’s some extra stuff that needs to be removed and this Bissell crosswave gets it right on up. So this is a win for my household

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  2. elise

    Read ALL the reviews before purchasing

    Today was the first time I used this, I did not use my full-sized vacuum first. After about 30 minutes I noticed the brush absorbed too much dirt and it just started flinging mud out on the floor. I had to completely remove the brush and clean it in the sink, then re-mop what I had just done.Still need to use my Swiffer due to about a one-inch gap between the wall and the brush, so I still have to make a pass around the edges of the room. Disappointing vacuum based on other reviews that have RAVED over the abilities of the vacuum, but a small amount of doggie hair just gets tangled up in the brush or stuck to the floor. Instead of eliminating the extra step of vacuuming before mopping, I still have to use my full-sized vacuum.Overall, it didn’t reduce the work of cleaning my floors as I’d hoped. It’s not terrible, and the vacuuming is really nice, but I’m just not wowed by the mopping. I continued to use the machine on a 2nd area of the floor, then a 3rd area. After a few minutes into each area, the mop wheels began leaving streaks and again the floors really didn’t get very clean, the mop brush began leaving mud spots and wet hair on the floor. I had to hand clean the mop brush every few minutes.  I was surprised because the way the rotating brush is designed would ensure a good job, but I’ve really not been impressed. It leaves wavey water lines and doesn’t handle transitioning from hard floor to thin entry rugs well. If you’re doing a small area rug directly from the hard floor you’ll have lines of dirty water all around the rug, unless you pick the machine up and put it on the rug. I think it does a better job on tile. I’m honestly torn on whether or not I should keep it. I could get a better carpet/rug cleaner or go back to the broom + steam mop or broom + microfiber mop that I’ve been using. But I have back issues and was hoping this machine would be a help to me in keeping my floors clean, but as of today, it is more of a hassle than a help. It is always such a hassle to rebox, take it to the nearest UPS pickup (15 minutes away from home), and hope that it is returned and a refund issued. I live alone with a small dog so there’s not much dirt to clean, so when this machine left more dirt on the floor than before I started … very disappointing to me. I definitely have buyer remorse.  Definitely not worth the $269. Update: I tried to give this machine another chance after going through the cleaning procedure. NOPE!!To clean the machine is more of a hassle than what it is worth. I understand that a little water may splash during normal cleaning of any machine but the tray should catch it. Unfortunately there was so much water under the tray that I had to bed over and clean it up. With sever back problems this is not acceptable. There should be no water at all to clean up. After reading my critical review from yesterday I decided to give it another try – trying to justify spending $269 on this machine. NOPE!! Again it left wet wheel streaks – repeatedly & nonstop, the roller cleans lopsided (even after ensuring it was properly placed), still leaves a dirty 1″ space. Although there is a rug and hard floor setting there seems to be no difference in the way it cleans between the settings. Not sure about this one. I just know that when trying to clean my entry rug (following the directions) the machine stuck to it and stopped working until I pulled it off of the rug. One good note, it does clean well. If you don’t mind cleaning more messes up after using this machine than it’s for you. I can’t justify the expense versus the aggrevation.

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  3. Kindle CustomerKindle Customer

    Bien para pisos rugosos

    Mi piso es rugoso y con bajo relieves, tenía mugre pegada que queda del agua al trapear y que se va acumulando en la textura. Limpie con un cepillo y agua y jabón para aflojar la mugre y luego pasé la aspiradora/barredora un par de veces con agua y la solución que viene. Fotos de antes y después

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  4. AlinaMX

    No es para todo tipo de piso, ni para limpieza profunda

    Después de varios meses de usarla, regresé a mi forma original: aspiradora para pisos y luego trapeado convencional con trapeador y cubeta.Este aparato funciona bien, pero siendo honesta, la limpieza no es muy a fondo. Así mismo, tengo piso laminado gris y deja rayas de agua donde pasan las llantas en el piso así que si deja líneas en piso laminado, mucho menos funciona para pisos brillosos.No es que sea mala calidad en si, pero el nivel de limpieza no es como esperaba. Puede ser práctico y menos esfuerzo, pero definitivamente no deja los pisos tan limpios como una aspirada y trapeada tradicional.

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  5. SandraSandra

    Ewww! It Really Works!

    Ok, so I have been looking for something that will clean my floors. This machine was received (Prime Day) and I began cleaning like I was on a mission.PROS: lightweight, easy set up, vacuums and mops/lightly shampoos laminate and thin area rugs and tile, nice clean scent, sale price.CONS: not too easy to push on thicker area rugs, cannot get to crevices and tighter spots like around the toilet, must be cleaned out after each use (my choice), kind of loud, no attachments for upholstery.I clean my floors every week but this machine proved that I was deceived into thinking my floors were clean using just the Shark vacuum and Bona cleaner. I like the versatility of having a vacuum and cleaner all in one machine. I purchased during Prime Days (7/11) and received on 7/12. I probably would not spend regular price, but the sale price is justified. Only time will tell how well it holds up, especially using water on laminate flooring. The Crosswave doesn’t leave the floors soaked, but it does still use water. Two 8-ounce bottles of multi-surface cleaner are provided. I used about 4-ounces of cleaner to fill dispenser and my floor coverage utilized half the amount in dispenser (approx.800sf)

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  6. MrsHarris

    Life changing!

    UPDATE 5/26/20: Well.. it broke. And so did my heart. Looking into how to get a replacement now, because I love this thing so much. And for it to die a month later makes me so sad. Very disappointing.Y’all… This just arrived Tuesday and I feel like my life is forever changed.Truly.I had been waiting since before Christmas to buy this. I kept looking over reviews on this and other things. I’m not the type to spend a chunk of money on things like this.WHY DID I WAIT?!I am SO glad I finally got this thing.Just let the nice people take your money and hand this bad boy over. Trust me.Why was this so life changing? Well…So, for perspective of what I’m working with here… We have 8 dogs. Yeah. 8. Sometimes more. Insanity, I hear you say? Well.. yes. It’s fine, though. Everything is fine.On top of 8 dogs we have 3 small kids and 3 adults living in this house. And we have a small farm… And it’s Texas and it rains a lot.So we have mud. Lots of mud. And dogs. And children. And mud. Did I mention mud??So. Much. MUD.Our floors are stamped and stained/painted concrete and it’s lovely most of the time, but also a pain to clean because it’s WHITE.White floors + 8 dogs + 3 children + mud =Do you see where I’m going with this?? It’s terrible. Like… The worst.My daily floor care routine consisted of sweeping and then mopping with my O Cedar spin mop. Which I love. It’s been the best little mop. But it also kills my back. Because with mud, you have to scrub. Especially if life interrupts and the mud DRIES.Anyway. So I did this horrid routine at least once a day, twice if it was raining, and spot mopping every time the dogs came inside as well.Can you say time consuming?And yet still I never felt like my floors were REALLY clean. It’s maddening.So, I bit the bullet and decided to invest in my sanity and time a bit and cough up the money for this thing, in hopes that it would cut my time cleaning a bit, and perhaps save my back from hurting so much.I honestly had low expectations. I figured it probably wouldn’t have great suction, and that the mop portion may not help a ton, but would at least be good for fresh mud, and so worth it for the constant spot cleaning, at the very least.Amazon got this to me by Tuesday. So I haven’t had it very long, but I have put this thing through the wringer and it has come through the other side a valiant champion!I asked my husband if it could sleep in the bed with us… He wasn’t amused. I just feel like it’s earned it’s place.Ok, so to start off my test run of it, I took on the hallway that I had let build up dirt over the week to see how it would do on that.Now. It did take time and slowly working it over the area, but it managed to get up all of that grossness that was on my floor. I was impressed! … And slightly disgusted as the dirty tank revealed everything. Ick.. but also glory be!In celebration, and on a euphoric high, I decided to hit the living room, which I had previously mopped earlier that morning before the glorious arrival of this amazing machine.I cleaned out the dirty tank and refilled the clean tank and went to work.Wow! And again, gross… I can’t believe how much yuck that was still on my floor after I had already “cleaned” it. Gag.I went on to do my whole house, and was simply in constant amazement. “Babe!! Look at it NOW!!”I’m fairly certain my husband was over looking at the Crosswave doing it’s thing, but he humored me anyway and congratulated me each time. I love that man.Now, I mentioned earlier that I have 8 dogs, right? Well I forgot to mention 2 of those 8 dogs are German Shepherds, aka German “SHEDDERS.” SO. MUCH. HAIR.All the hair. There’s never not a hair tumbleweed in my house. Don’t like hair? Don’t get a German Shepherd. Great dogs. Lots of hair. The hair should be more terrifying than their bark.I have tried many vacuums in the past and because of my GSDs (ok and probably my long hair as well), I don’t buy vacuums with roller brushes. It just never goes well. Hair gets caught in the roller, becomes useless, cutting it off it’s often a pain or even impossible. No more roller brushes.That was a HUGE reason for my hold up on the Crosswave. Even though it promised to combat this, I was skeptical.Y’all… They followed through on their promise. So far– and I’ve vacuumed up A LOT of hair– hair has not been getting caught up in the roller. It DOES get a little bit just on the edges of the roller, where it fits into the maxhine, but it’s so super easy to get off, I don’t even count that.So huge win right there.It’s been great at sucking up all that hair too! It isn’t the strongest suction out there, but it is pretty great and definitely gets the job done! When I walk around barefoot I don’t feel any dirt, hair, or grains of yuck! I loooove it.The tank is small, so it doesn’t fit a ton of hair in there. So if doing some major cleaning it does require frequent emptying. I was essentially already doing that with sweeping and mopping anyway, so no big deal.The tank is super simple to clean out and I LOVE that they made a strainer for hair and solid items. I pull that thing out and dump the hair straight into the trash. And then dump the dirty tank out and rinse that. There is also a filter in there that needs to be checked, especially if you’ve done some dry vacuuming. A screen is over that catches hair and makes it easier to clean out.Overall I LOVE how easy the machine is to clean.The station really is good at cleaning off the brush like it’s supposed to.Oh! Another great thing that exceeded my expectations. It doesn’t leave a ton of water behind on the floor! I even used it on my hardwood floors and it did magnificent! It leaves very little water behind so it dries very quickly! It did great on our tile floor as well. :)So. Even with having to drag it across the floor slowly, taking my time, cleaning out the dirty tank frequently, and cleaning the machine after each use, it really is saving me a ton of time! I have been able to get so much more done in a single day thanks to this little beast! It combines sweeping and mopping, and there’s just no argument there.It’s fairly lightweight and easy to move around. Nothing like my old lug of a Kirby, but it is heavier than some things, like maybe a stick vacuum. I mean, it has a tank of water soooo..I love that the head swivels! With little effort too! I was able to get to spaces quite easily and loved that!One thing on the head to note, it does not clean flush up to the wall! It does vacuum all the way there, but not mop. The brush can only get so far. So there’s about an inch gap there. I plan to just clean those spaces when I’m doing baseboards or go over it with a mop. Not a biggie for me, but definitely worth noting for others!My other favorite thing is that my back is no longer aching! I’m 5’4″ and I don’t have to bend over oddly, or put any pressure into it to get the job done! I can stand up straight and use this perfectly fine. Hooray! This alone is giving me so much more energy and motivation to get more done through the day! Not to mention that I’m far less crabby when I’m not in pain. Eek.Overall I think this machine is a fantastic addition to my home and has definitely simplified my life already, giving me more time, less aching, and a far cleaner floor.I HIGHLY recommend the Bissell Crosswave Pet Pro Plus to anyone struggling with the floors and looking for a little peace in their lives.

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  7. CK

    NEVER EVER have my floors been cleaner!!!!!

    So let me start by saying I read review after review on this product so I went in know the gripes (streaking, cleaning each crossover attachment) and the praises (spotless floors, dirty water). My home is about 4200 square feet. I used the crosswave on about 3800 and it took me about 45 minutes. I went through one clean water tank and emptied my dirty water twice. I mean BLACK. And I am a clean freak so (I thought) I really take care of my floors!!! Granted, I swept with my big soft push broom beforehand, b/c I knew there was a lot of hair (short-haired dogs and my hair). I don’t want to clog the crosswave up with hair! I wanted it to tackle the day to day stuff that a regular mop would do. Despite my push broom, I still got hair but it was caught up nicely in the “strainer” so as to not clog anything. I did get streaking at first, but soon got the brush wet enough to not streak, but also not too wet that it did streak. Just trial and error. I agree with other reviewers that you have to not lean the handle back too too much as the brush will not clean. No biggie–found just the angle which was actually more comfortable for me and away I went. The clean up process was not a big deal to me AT ALL. I know other reviewers hated the time it took and the parts, but to me, it was a breeze. Why would I want to leave all those parts untouched after I just saw what was sucked into them? Gross! They are all air-drying now and I’ll put them back on the crossover later. If you have a Bissell Green Machine, you’ll be familiar with the clean tank and the dirty tank and the process of cleaning it. Super easy. I am sooo glad I made this purchase. It knocked my mop and bucket out of the water (ha!) and I spend WAY less time using it. Not to mention the whole time, CLEAN water was going onto my floors. DO NOT pass on this Crosswave!!

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  8. Rebecca

    Game Changer

    I LOVE this vacuum/mop. This has been such a great product for me as I have three dogs. My floors have never been cleaner and it is great that it sucks up the dog hair. I do vacuum with a regular vacuum before just so I don’t have to empty it as much. I was using a steam mop before. I wanted to see how well this cleaned so I used the steam mop one day and then immediately used this. I could not believe the amount of dirt it picked up. It uses such little solution that I feel like one bottle will last me for the entire year. There are a couple things that are annoying, but don’t affect the function. The first is that the power button is in a place where I constantly push it when I am spraying the water/solution. The other is that the cord needs to have an automatic rolling thing. It is hard when everything is wet to get it rolled up. In general this product is genius and makes life so much easier.

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  9. Annie Tschirhart

    Switching between wet and dry provides muddy streaks

    Loved the option of dry or wet floors. Using the wet floor mode on my kitchen floor, worked and the suction to pick up that water was impressive. The problem came when I vacuumed my living room first and then wet-mopped the kitchen floor, the dirt leading up to the dirt chamber, got wet and started leaving mud streaks. So, it is necessary to completely clean the dirty water cup, the part behind the brush, and the area leading up to the dirty receptacle or mud starts to be left behind. I only knocked one star for this, because it made sense that you would have to clean ALL parts before “mopping.”The filter seemed to get dirty fast, so I bought extras. If the filter gets wet (you do need to clean it as it is reusable, you must remove and completely dry first or the damp filter smells moldy.)

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  10. Vanessa Gonzalez

    Best vacuum I have ever owned and have used the most to clean my floors perfectly!

    This vacuum really exceeded my expectations and continues to do so I highly recommend anybody looking for a great vacuum and built in mop to purchase this product. I was looking for some thing that was going to help me sanitize my floors after having pets, and nothing worked. I had 1 million products to help deal with my floors until I got this one and threw everything away. No more sweeping no more mopping I literally can do it all at once and I love being able to give my rugs light wash. It really makes me feel so much cleaner to have this product. I am here to purchase ACCESORIES new filter and new brush to keep my product in tiptop shape. Highly recommend everyone clean out their filter and tank as soon as they use it or when you run the risk of coming back to a really stinky tank and purchasing all new filters and even brushes so keep this in mind. This product is absolutely amazing. I love being able to see the progression of cleanliness in the water tank as it gets clear and clear I know my floors are sanitized.

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  11. ʀᴀᴍɢᴀʀʜɪᴀ 🦅

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Nice performance

    I like this product. It looks as same as shown in picture, works well but only works with high pressure water supply. Otherwise it will not work. It makes washing hand and other things very convineint in winters. Must buy this affordable product.

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  12. Shruti N.

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Good product

    Good product 👍

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  13. saurabh goyal

    3.0 out of 5 stars

    Instant water heater

    Product is not good…i got defective piece…but my electrician repair the product….diekhe hei kitene din chlega….

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  14. Sonu

    5.0 out of 5 stars



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  15. Sandeep Kumar Sandeep Kumar

    2.0 out of 5 stars

    Instant tap gyster

    It’s worst product after installation.it work few mintues and burn with smoke and bad smell.Dont buy it.

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  16. A. L. Marin

    Limpieza efectiva y rápida.

    The media could not be loaded.

     Tengo 7 perros. Este aparato me facilitó la limpieza diaria a profundidad en mis pisos de mármol y laminados sin maltratarlos. Es aspiradora con trapeador integrado ñ. Sirve también para limpiar tapetes y alfrombras chucos- medianos.No substituye una aspiradora doméstica estándar. Esa es para trabajo pesado y para aspirar muebles, cortinas, etc por sus aditamentos y potencia.Tampoco substituye al trapeador. Esos los dejo para areas como Baños y escaleras y áreas pequeñas donde no cabe la cabeza. Además de que los trapeadores son para recoger líquidos derramados o cualquier accidente de secreciones donde no voy a usar la máquina por obvia razón y cuestión de técnica de aseo de utilizar trapeadores o jergas distintas par cada tipo de superficie y de suciedad.Otra ventaja es que es muy liviana aún con los tanques de agua limpia y agua sucia medió llenos. Asi que subirla y bajarla es fácil.También fue muy útil el líquido de pisos que incluye. No hizo espuma y quitó el olor de perro y cualquier otro de la casa. No tiene fragancia específica. Solo queda oliendo a limpio de una forma muy discreta. Huele neutro es la descripción correcta.El segundo uso fue solo con agua y tanque lleno para ver la diferencia entre con y sin solución de pisos. La diferencia fue que sin solución no los desengrasa/desodoriza y las manchas tardan un poco más en quitarse además de que no limpia/desengrasa/desodoriza el tanque de agua sucia, el rodillo y la cabeza. Para la planta baja que son aproximadamente 120 mts cuadrados uso 3/4 de tanque y lave rodillo y cabeza tres veces. El tanque de agua sucia aunque no estaba lleno a tope lo vacié y limpié en cada ocasión.Con agua los pisos quedan igual de brilllosos como si estuvieran encerados pero rechinan de limpio. No es exageración.Lo mejor fue mínimo gasto de agua y casi diría que cero esfuerzo por que empujar la máquina y limpiarla no te cansa para nada.Ya aprendi que solo disparas solución para humedecer el rodillo. No es un spayer. Al apretar el gatillo se humedece el rodillo. De manera que el secreto está en saber humedecer lo lo suficiente para que talle el piso por lo que el disparo de solución es intermitente. Por eso dura tanto el tanque. Es muy eficiente y rendidor si lo sabes utilizar.¿Y substituye a una escoba? No. La escoba y su compañero el recogedor son el comité de revision antes de usar esta máquina. Quitan todos los detritus grandes que no son aptos para que esta. máquina los aspire.En conclusión: esta máquina es súper eficiente para limpieza diaria rápida y efectiva de pisos duros. La desventaja es que no se le puede usar con liquidos lava pisos que hagan espuma o sean corrosivos (cloro).Queda pendiente valorar la durabilidad general y especialmente de los rodillos.

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  17. Ryanna Langkamp

    Cut clean time in half!

    Quick run down of the background here: I have about 1000sqft of tile/hard wood in my home. I also have a macaw, two cockatiels, and a dog who happens to enjoy shedding more than anything in the world.I don’t typically review but wanted to for this since I read so many on both sides, and put off this purchase for months because I was terrified to hate it.I have used my crosswave twice, and I think in some ways there is a bit of a learning curve to getting the most out of it. All in all, I LOVE this and I don’t say that lightly. We vacuum daily but, with all of the animals typically deep cleaning takes a few hours, as you vacuum, mop, move furniture, vacuum again, mop, repeat. Then you never fail to wind up with wet dog hair that she must have magically transferred onto the floor you’ve just cleaned 3 times 😐 This takes away all of that.Today, I tested for time and it took me 35 minutes to clean the entire house, including the time required to disassemble and clean the crosswave!I can’t speak for anyone else but wanted to touch on some of the reviews I’ve read that had me questioning, and give my experience on them:-Poor Suction?At first I could see this and worried, but after some trouble shooting it occurred to me that, the suction just isn’t as great when the handle is all the way leaned back, since the head lifts up from the floor a bit. This might be a bit of a design flaw I suppose, but once you figure it out? Smooth sailing.-Smelly to clean?Nah. I mean, think of it like a carpet cleaner except for hard floors. I imagine it might be bad if you leave it in there for a while but, under no circumstances would I use this and not it right after. It’s simple enough.-Clogging?To be clear, I do clean up big things before I vacuum such as bird feathers, but I don’t pre-clean and there is a LOT of dog hair. I suppose it could get clogged up but I haven’t experienced this.-Spot cleaning?Ok, so I get this issue. I spot clean often (Birds are gross), so I don’t typically have many dried up spills on the floors. Spots like right in front of the stove I have to go over a couple times, but they usually come up. If not, they’ve been so small that to me, it isn’t a big deal to spray some cleaner and wipe them up. I don’t think it spot cleans any worse than my steam mop or swiffer by any means.-Streaky?This I can also see. I have textured tile in most of the house so it isn’t really a big deal to me as you can’t see streaks. I feel like usually when I slow down the streaking eases up. I noticed that sometimes because it works similar to a vacuum I tend to move quickly and not consider the time needed to suck up the water. Again, think of it like a carpet cleaner but for hard floors.**I’ve also never used this for wet spills, and I don’t know that I ever would. I’m not really in the business of making a mess of a mop for a job that could be easily done with paper towel and a squirt bottle, so I can’t comment on that.All in all, I think it’s worth every penny if it is for you. I don’t know that it would benefit someone who didn’t have a lot of hard flooring, and may be so-so on super textured floors such as stone with large divots. I don’t think this would really replace a vacuum for anyone full time, but love it for once a week cleaning.Huge Pros for me:-The long cord. After reading reviews I opted for corded and am so glad I did, plus the cord is so long I rarely have to transfer it.-The head maneuvers from side to side well.-Makes the house smell wonderful!-Good over-all clean in a time saving way.-This fits under my short cabinets! I was so worried it wouldn’t as my Dyson Cyclone doesn’t!Cons:-You HAVE to clean it after every use, which only takes a few minutes but would be awful otherwise.-If you don’t move slow, it WILL leave water streaks.-It does suction worse when the handle is too far extended.-There aren’t measurements available for the head height of this anywhere online-The filter takes a few days to dry if inside. However once it was a nice enough day I put it into the sun and it dried in hours.Hope this helps someone, because I know I was up in the air for a long time!

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  18. Jenna

    Bissell Crosswave Pet Pro ❤️

    We got this machine for my mom for her birthday. She had been looking at carpet cleaners and kept coming back to this one. This one intrigued her because she’s got medical issues with her arms and it’s very light. Also, it cuts time in half because you don’t have to sweep or vacuum before you use it. It does both. It vacuums while its washing your floors and area rugs, what more could you ask for? My mom loves her Crosswave Pet Pro and although it’s a bit pricey, seeing her happy and making her life and work a little easier at her age is worth every dime. Thanks Bidsell, oh and Bissell, since the machine is so expensive could you make the cleaning formulas a bit cheaper? That would be a great help, especially in the times were living in today. She was also pleased to see that it came with a 3 year warranty.

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  19. Eduardo dlP

    Fur Sucker

    Excelente producto.Esta hecho para personas que odien trapear el suelo, pero les guste tener una casa limpia. Cumple el objetivo de limpiar la tierra y pelos de perro. Tengo un perro de pelo largo (pastor australiano) y aspiro todo sin atascarse.

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  20. DBSeattleDBSeattle

    Easy to use, EFFECTIVE at cleaning hardwood

    The media could not be loaded.

     Cleaning hardwood floors: crosswave is the only way to go to get a clean floor! It REMOVES dirt, so the floor gets cleaned. In comparison I tried/used:-mops are useless (why push around dirty water?)- swiffer “wet jet” type model was only ok, for floors that are semi-clean to begin with and definitely not really good for really dirt floors (I bought washable reusable microfiber pads for use with the battery-operated model that sprays proprietary cleaning solution that you then ‘mop up’ as you push it around, but, that microfiber pad gets so dirty fast, so it doesn’t do a really good job)-and I bought a cordless rechargable spinning scrub brush tool but that loosened the dirt but then generated dirty water on the floor, so that tool was only good for spot cleaning a stubborn small patch of dirt and then you still have to towel up the floor to pick up the dirty waterSo I looked at TWO TANK systems, one the spits out clean water then sucks up the dirty water separately and bought this Bissell crosswave and IT WORKSIt spits clean soapy/detergent water out from the first tank, has a rotating bristled brush scrubbing that solution into the floor, then vacuums up that dirty solution continuously into a completely separate second tank.While using the crosswave on my kitchen hardwood floor (heavy traffic and very dirty), I could see obvious splots of dirt disappear as I pushed it along, but the floor didn’t look spectacularly shiny clean afterwards and yet when I then went to empty the dirty water reservoir tank, HOLY SMOKES!!! Bissell clearly picked up and removed a tonne of dirt from the hardwood. I did a second pass, and even more dirt came up as evidenced by the filthy water I dumped out of the collection tank. So I am a huge fan. It’s deceptive how much dirt really is on a heavily traffic floor, and it will become apparent once you use the crossweave on it and then empty the dirty water tank.It is simple to use, extremely intuitive.It is corded, but that means it’s much more powerful and you can do the whole floor of a house without running out of battery. Once I’m cleaning, I just want to finish the job. Cord is plenty long enough so that even large rooms can get done without having to move the plug in to a different receptacle.It has a ‘mat’ you put it on and add clean water so that the brush can spin in that bath of fresh water cleaning itself, so that even the brush is clean for the next go. Very clever and easy to use system.Pushing it around is easy, wheels are very maneuverable, the head has a profile that easily fits under kitchen counter toe kicks or a couch. Holding down the trigger to spray solution is easy, an arthritic hand could do it.You don’t even have to sweep first to use this, it is a Vaccuum and will suck up any loose dirt or hair.Using it is simple and intuitive, I didn’t bother reading the owners manual. I am pleased to finally have a good way to really clean the floor.

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  21. Meaghan

    As advertised

    Not as easy to clean as advertised.

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  22. Tania Armenta

    Difícil de limpiar

    Si cumple con lo que promete y limpia muy bien. El problema es que es pesadísima. Aparte limpiar las partes después de usarla quita más tiempo que si hubiera barrido y trapeado. Son muchas y hay que desarmar gran parte de la aspiradora. Es un verdadero fastidio tener que hacer eso cada vez que se usa. No hice bien mi investigación, hay mejores opciones

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  23. Matt Holladay

    I get excited to mop now

    I feel like a lot of the people that write reviews for this product are cleaning lovers who thoroughly clean their house every day. I’m a bit of a slob and I really hate mopping. So much. But I don’t mind vacuuming too much so I thought I’d give this a try. I now look forward to running it each week!I have tile floors and this works nicely. My feet aren’t dirty walking around the house anymore. It does a good job picking up dog fur. And it is SO SATISFYING to empty. With mopping I never felt like I was actually cleaning the floors since you just push dirty water around. When I empty the dirty water collector it is absolutely disgusting and so fun to watch. Easy to clean the machine afterwards. And I was able to wear my newborn while running the crosswave, although I kinda wished I’d bought the cordless while I was wearing him.I will say I was initially hoping this would thoroughly Scrub my floors. It doesn’t. Like, if there’s a little bit of scum on the floor you’re gonna have to get it by hand or with a real mop. So my plan is to thoroughly Scrub my floors by hand once per month (or quarter depending on how lazy I am) and use the crosswave weekly. Oh, and it does okay on the area rugs. It’s not gonna get out stains or anything so I’ll still be using a carpet cleaner. But I still recommend!

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  24. Amazon CustomerAmazon Customer

    Excellent time saver! Does good work

    I have a bad back, sweeping and mopping hurt. For whatever reason vacuuming doesn’t, so this product appealed to me – plus the convenience of mopping and sweeping at the same time is something i can’t ignore with my limited energy. I think it did a great job, my floors were a mess (see pictures) and this handled it really well. It was really easy to use too, you just gotta watch the waste water bin- it gets awkward/ loses suction when that’s too full – kind of gross for sink dumping, and watch out for the hair. Overall, would highly recommend!

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  25. gelo

    Más o menos

    La verdad es que al principio es bueno pero no va a quitar manchas que puedan estar muy pegajosas y que además no me gusta el echo de estar comprando líquidos y artículos del mismo cada cierto tiempo debería de poderse usar otros líquidos que no estén muy caros

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  26. John Vanderkaay

    Don’t waste your $$ on this vacuum cleaner!!!!!!

    This is, without a doubt, the worst vacuum cleaner I have ever owned.1. It’s not easy to assemble:2. It’s even more difficult to clean and reassemble.3.It does a very bad job on rugs as it leaves streaks, stirs up the dust, and blows it out all over the place.4. It doesn’t do the job on hard floors either and leaves streaks. Requires a mop to leave the dirt it doesn’t pick up.5. Doesn’t pick up pet hair as well as advertised.6. Clogs up easily with pet hair7.I can’t reca;ll being as disappointed and dissatisfied with a purchase’

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  27. Tatiana Diaz

    Excelente compra!

    Me encantó el producto, los pisos de la casa son de piedra natural que es mate y porosa y los limpia excelente, es fácil de usar, estoy encantada.

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  28. Clarichatts

    Awesome awesome awesome!!! …but not if you’re a perfectionist.

    The non-perfectionist’s BFF. If you live in a house where the floor is dirty 5 minutes after cleaning it no matter how clean you get it, you are going to LOVE this little guy. I have 2 kids, a husband who loves to build things and work in the yard, a dog, and a brooder full of 2 week old chickens in my dining room. Safe to say my floor might be up there with the dirtiest, and this machine doesn’t bat an eye. It’s amazing for things that a broom just can’t handle like pet hair (and toddler hair) sticky rice, wet crumbs, and pine bedding. It also sucks up dirt and sand like nobody’s business. I can clean my kitchen and dining room in 25 min including pre-sweeping the edges, moving chairs, and taking down the machine. Plus, I’m not getting all hot and sweaty like I used to with the whole sweep then mop situation.Setup is just plugging it in and filling up a water bottle. Or leave your water bottle half full like me so it’s ready to go for small spills. Takedown is simpler than I thought too, and you can do it in any bathroom. Our washroom off the kitchen is tiny, but it does the job and takedown takes me like 2-3 minutes now that I have a rhythm with it. First, rinse the roller by pouring water in the tray, then dump your dirty water in the toilet. Refill the dirty tank with clean water from the sink, swish it and dump it in the toilet again. This method keeps your sink clean. I’m surprised by the number of people saying takedown is a pain. It did take a little longer the first couple times so stick with it and you’ll find the efficiencies. And again I’m NOT a perfectionist so I’m not sitting there trying to get the dirty tank perfectly clean. It has a dirty film after the first few uses and I’m fine with that.You DO have to sweep around the edges of your floor before using this thing—it doesn’t do anything for the last inch or two. Luckily those areas don’t get as messy so a quick sweep is good enough for every day and then I deep clean occasionally with a rag.It also does leave very slight dirty streaks which are visible if your floor has no texture like mine. I would imagine ANY amount of texture in nice wood or tile would completely hide these, they’re very faint. Doesn’t bug me at all but it might bug some people and I saw that mentioned in negative reviews before purchasing, so thought I’d mention it.This is also not a magic wand and you shouldn’t expect it to deep clean stuck on food. Sorry!! I don’t think something like that actually exists. What I do is clean the stickiest areas under the table first and then circle back to them at the end. After two passes I just scrub what’s left by hand (or let’s be honest about half the time I just leave it for later.)Before buying this the floors were by far my most hated chore. We were paying someone to come clean a couple times per week and I would still freak out about messes tracked in or food dropped from the table, because it would be several days before the next cleaning. Trying to take care of wet food spills was the BANE OF MY EXISTENCE. Now I clean every couple days or as needed and it’s NBD. It takes less time and doesn’t work up a sweat like sweeping and mopping.My #1 tip: After cleaning, don’t empty the clean water tank! Leave the little bit that’s left in there for quick cleanup of small messes. I also swap out the wet roller for the dry one when I put it away, leaving it ready to go for the next time my kid drops his entire smoothie on the floor. 🙂

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  29. Mariana Velázquez

    Una maravilla!

    Buenísima!!! Aligera el trabajo de barrer y trapear.Es ligera y muy práctica

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  30. Matt and DanaMatt and Dana

    This thing is the sheet.

    Omg. I don’t know why it took me so long to get one of these things. I’m absolutely in love.Seriously. First. Read the directions. Do what they say and this machine will destroy dirty floors. For real. Second. Be patient. Let the machine do the work. Move slower than you’d like and your floors will be spotless. Third. Do the part where you rinse the roller thing with the silly little cup in the tray. It’ll be clean, and dry in no time.Just get it. Read the directions. And go.Five stars. 👌🏻

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  31. Corpuz

    Best cleaning machine yet

    Just used my new Bissell Crosswave machine for the first time and while cleaning my floors I kept thinking I should write a review. Then I went to empty the catch container and it was definite, I must write a review!First, this is my third machine in 13 years. I have a 3000 sq ft home with white marble tile in every room except the bedrooms where I have wood flooring. I live in SC a mile from the ocean and my husband runs on the beach every day and golf 4-5 times a week and refuses to go barefoot or wear slippers or some form of indoor only shoes. Needless to say I have sand, sand and more sand. Add to that the fact there is always something falling from the trees, and despite having an exterminator there are endless little critters of all sorts along baseboards. Until 2 years ago I had a sheltie with long hair so my Bissell machines have always had their work cut out for them and I couldn’t live without one!The reason for this review? Well, with each new machine I’ve had, I’ve always found something new that made me like the newer machine best and this machine was no different. Between my long hair, and years of having a dog, I use to have to reach into the catch container with a paper towel and drag out all the hair and such. Bissell has added a screen with a handle that you lift out and all the solid stuff comes right up leaving only dirty water to be flushed down the toilet. No more digging into gunk! Just tap the screen onto a paper towel and clean up is easier than ever!I’ve read reviews stating this machine leaves puddles of water on the floor. My response to that is, either the machine was defective out of the box or the person doesn’t know how to use it. You don’t keep your finger on the trigger to release cleaning fluid constantly, but squeeze the trigger to keep the roller mop wet or for ground in dirt or spills. Add cleaning solution, then allow the machine to suck it up. Floors will be nearly dry immediately and surely dry within minutes which is also helpful with a husband that always seems to walk through the area I’ve just cleaned to get to another location within the house.And finally, having white marble tile floors I can tell you I see EVERYTHING!!!! While this machine cannot “mop” right up to the edge, it certainly sucks right up to the edge! Again, lots of little no seeums fly into the house, or baby spiders or “palmetto” bugs. This machine misses nothing! Its inability to “wet mop” right up to the edge is a result of the roller mop being set within the machine, so yes, periodically you need to go along with a damp cloth to wipe along the edge baseboards or cabinets, but certainly not every time you clean. Unless they found a way to have the roller mop exposed on the sides or front, which would make suctioning the water impossible, there’s no way you can mop right along the baseboards. So for anyone who complains about that, well there’s an opportunity for them to become the next millionaire once they come up with a design to do the impossible.So that’s it! Had to right this review because these machines have kept my floors clean enough for my grandchildren to crawl around on for years and I can’t imagine living without my Bissell Crosswaves!

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  32. Mike Milmore

    Love it

    I researched this a lot. Love the pet model. Helps with the hair. Great machine. Would love a cordless one but went with the corded one from the reviews saying the corded was more powerful. Plus I use it for 2 hours and the battery one wouldn’t last

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  33. Bob

    Must Dry Out or Motor Won’t Last

    Machine works very well. The cleaning of it is exceptional for the price. We use it to clean our epoxy garage floor which we keep our dogs in kennels on while we are at work. It cleans it like new and no odor from the dogs. The only downside is you must take the filters out and dry them between cleanings. I highly recommend buying a second air filter and additional scrubbing pads so you can change them between use. Product lasts about 18 months before the motor rusts out on us. But have not found anything else that works as good for even quadruple the cost.

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  34. Amazon Customer

    Make your life easier!

    Love love love this! I am a freak about having clean floors, and I was stressed about it all the time because I hate the actual task of cleaning the floors. My house is all that fake hardwood. Super pretty but my back hurts sweeping the whole thing then going back for round two with a mop. Have been using this for around 5 months now and it has been great. Cut my cleaning time in half and it takes care of area rugs too! It’s easy enough to maneuver around the house, and I’m thoroughly impressed with how my floors look after.

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  35. Mickie Smith

    Pet pro

    Does a good job cleaning the floor, but I suggest sweeping first, as the vacuum part gives only a fair performance.Pain in the neck to clean after use

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  36. Brittany Robinson

    Does 2 jobs in 1

    I love that this vacuums and mops at the same time, and I love that I can seamlessly switch from hard floor to area rug cleaning modes. The only downfall is the cleanup of all the parts is kind of a lot. So you can to be ready to commit the time to using it and cleaning it up when your done.

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  37. Karen

    Best vacuum/floor cleaner ever!

    My home is all LVP..luxury vinyl plank tile. I’m so impressed how easy it is to vacuum and mop your floors at the same time. I cannot think of any cons for this product. It is the best I have ever bought and used. The brushes do not hold on to pet hair like every other vacuum I’ve ever used. Even clean up of the vacuum itself is simple and well thought out by Bissell.

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  38. Lisa B.

    This thing is AWESOME

    It’s super easy to put together, easy to use, and works really well! My Shepard/Lab fur-baby’s favorite thing to do besides sleep is shed. This thing handled her hair without issue. I have a chronic illness that sucks the life and energy out of me. Simple tasks wear me out. I was able to clean the floors in my kitchen, dining room, and two bathrooms without breaking a sweat or feeling tired. That’s a really big deal! Icing on the cake: It’s really easy to clean the machine itself! It’s like magic! I’ve wanted this thing for a couple of years. I’m so glad I finally spent the money on it!

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  39. Sunshine

    A professionals Opinion on Pet Pro vs. the regular bissell crosswave vs hoover

    First I tried using the regular bissell crosswave after using it at a clients home. I decided the scrub machine was worth paying about $100.00 more than the hoover, which I and my clients have gotten so frustrated with the hoover since their machines seem to go bad quite quickly for many years. I was reluctant to buy the bissell with so many bad experiences with the hoover. But I liked the idea of not mopping peoples homes with dirty water or mine for that matter. The concept of the machine was a great idea, if only a company could make a machine worth buying. And I gotta say Bissell has pulled it off. Both Bissell machines work very well, but if you have pets it is highly recommended that you spend the extra money to buy the pet pro crosswave. I have put it to the test in one of clients homes who have 2 long haired cats and a long haired big dog. It does handle the hair much better around the rolling scrub brush. Though I do recommend as well to vacuum with another vacuum first before washing the floors with the scrub machines. The pet pro roller is made much better than the regular machine. Pets do have oil in their skin and their drool sticks to the floor almost like glue so a better rolling brush is needed. I did notice that my regular bissell does pivot around while cleaning is a bit better, but not a significant enough to make a big difference. Though it would be nice if they adjusted that pet pro to do it as well as the regular one, if we are going to pay almost $40.00 more for it. Also pet pro has another part in the dirty water container to catch the hair and larger pieces of stuff that comes through while cleaning that you can just pull out before dumping into your wash sink. If you find it to be more of a hassle you can just leave it out it doesn’t effect the performance of the machine. The one thing both machines don’t have that I think they should is an extra roller with more bristles in it then what they have because I think it would clean tile floors that are a bit rougher with more indentions much better as to why I only gave pet pro 4 stars. But I still believe it’s by far better than mopping. Sweeping and vacuuming doesn’t get the tiny grains of sand and if we miss it while vacuuming the scrub machines get the rest of it. If your floors are very dirty I would suggest mopping them very well first then use your bissell and if you like really clean floors and want them Shine beautifully go behind with the Sharp Genis floor steamer. The steamer will also take care of the steaks if you get them while scrubbing or you could just go behind with a flat mop or regular dry mop before the area completely drys. Pet pro machine really needs to have the bissell cleaning solution suggested for pets it works much better. I have owned the regular bissell for a year and it still works as good as it did the first time I used it, so I feel the machines could last for many years just as long as we properly take care of them. Also another thing I liked about the pet pro over the regular bissell is that it is much easier to remove the cover that protects the roller so we can clean the machine after each use. I actually broke one of the plastic pieces on the regular bissell because it was so hard to pull off. Not only will you notice how much cleaner your floors are, but you will feel it on your feet. There is nothing like have super clean floors!!!! I don’t have pets of my own and if I didn’t have homes I cleaned without pets I would spend the extra and buy the Pet Pro crosswave!!!! Love the beautiful Purple color too!!! Thanks Bissell for designing a wonderful floor machines!!

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  40. W. Johnson

    Good but not great for carpet

    My previous vacuum recently broke. I currently have a LOT of carpet and pets but I will be moving into another house in a few months that has mostly hard floors (wood and vinyl). So I wanted something that would work for both houses. I only just now learned about these dual vacuum/mopping machines. So I was excited to try it out because it is EXACTLY what I think that I need at this moment between the 2 different houses. And for the most part it seems to work fine. Just not everything that I hoped in the dry vacuuming department.Bissell rightly does not stress the dry carpet vacuuming aspect so hard, only area rugs. And I understand why now. You can vacuum carpet and it performs pretty well but with some caveats. There suction seems ok but my previous vacuum seemed like it may have picked up more deep down dust/dirt particles. Emptying the it was more of a dust nightmare. I don’t get that feeling with this one which leads me to believe that it may not be getting up everything that my previous vacuum did. It does get up pet hair and some dirt fine though. The main problems are that it fills up extremely fast and has to be dumped a LOT and hair gets stuck under the filter immediately so it has to be popped out every time you dump it. And it is not great at sucking up close to the wall. With no crevice tool or other functionality to suck without going through the base it is hard to clean tight spaces like that. You will need another small hand vac or something if you need to do things like that. It also clogs with hair pretty easy if you are not constantly dumping it. I did buy the carpet/rug roller to see if it works better. It seems to but it’s still a little harder to push on carpet than most other vacuums. It may have fluffed up the carpet and cleaned a little deeper with it though.For hard floors it works pretty great I think. It definitely help me get my grout looking better in my tiled kitchen. I did have to do a little elbow work on my own on the really dirty parts. It has to be cleaned after most uses but so should a mop. You do have to make sure that it is COMPLETELY dry before putting it back together though. If you don’t there could be a smell from the filter the next time you use it. The filter takes the most time to dry unfortunately.Overall I like it. It just wasn’t the mind blower that I was hoping for. It does the job but if you have lots of carpet you may be better off with another cheaper solution.

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  41. Thanks for asking

    Mopping stinks — but Bissell Crosswave Pet Pro All-in-One makes cleaning floors quick and easy!

    I have wood and tile floors and didn’t like the results from mopping (swishing dirty water isn’t ideal) and microfiber pad/fluid (streaky). The Bissell Crosswave Pet Pro All-in-One is a game-changer. What normally takes about an hour to properly mop my floors takes less than half the time with the Bissell. I was shocked at how much dark, dirty water the Bissell unit picked up on my first try. Cleaning the unit after use takes a few minutes and is easy to do. I am actually looking forward to cleaning my floors again soon.The one thing that I didn’t like is receiving fewer extra supplies in the box as advertised. Bissell put a note in the box stating that they had supply chain issues (and failed to include 2 extra cleaning brushes, an extra filter and a 32 ounce bottle of cleaning solution) – shame on Bissell for selling me less than what you advertise! I contacted the company (ConsumerCareNA@bissell.com) and they promptly responded by email — hope that they are willing to mail the additional items that were missing from my package.

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  42. Courtney Schley

    Still adjusting

    For starters, this is fairly user friendly but it does take getting used to. I was convinced I didn’t care for it and considered returning it until I took out the dirty water tank and saw how disgusting the water was and how much fine sand it picked up that my vacuum didn’t. That sold me on it. Cleaning the vacuum and all it’s parts? Also a big selling point because it was super easy.Honestly my only complaint now is how LOUD it is, and how the roller doesn’t actually seem to touch the floor so you have to make multiple passes to get a mess up instead of once or twice.

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  43. VV

    Wow! This is exactly what I’ve been looking for

    I despise cleaning floors, but love clean floors. It just takes so long to vacuum, mop then empty the big bucket that I have to lug up & down the stairs. This tool saves so many steps & does a great job! I was shocked at how dirty the water was after the first pass. If your dog sheds a lot, I would recommend using a microfiber dry mop to get as much fur up as you can before using it bc, duh, that would just obviously clog it, but if just regular daily shedding, this thing is impressive. The cleaner smells fresh also, not the usual gross floor cleaner smell. It hugs the corners really closely & has a really low profile so fits under spaces my vacuum & mop can’t. Really happy with this purchase!

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  44. Christina

    I’m IN LOVE….

    The media could not be loaded.

     I just got this in the mail on the 19th and decided today I would try this puppy out. Unboxing is super easy, all you have to do is attach the arm, fill the tank with water and solution and you’re off! I started off cleaning my hardwoods and I must say I was expecting the solution to spray like a stiffer wet-jet and it is not like that. The solution sprays from the within the roller section. You must continuously pull the trigger for solution it does not dispense itself. Which for me that is what I wanted, as I want to control how much is distributed. You do need to roll over floors a couple of times to suck up the solution but that doesn’t bother me.Then I turned on the area rug button and OMG I was so impressed. I usually have tons of dog hair in them and even my shark has a hard time getting it out of all of the nook and crannies. My area rugs look brand new! The solution itself is the pet solution that comes with the machine and it smells very good. Not too strong, just right. I feel like my floors and rugs have never looked better.Recommendation is to clean the machine thoroughly after you do floors and rugs. Remove all the hair and rinse out the water tank, clean the roller. I think this will keep my machine pristine and lasting for a lot longer.

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  45. 🔅


    Firstly, don’t bother getting if you’re not able or willing to do the clean up/maintenance after each use because failure to do so will result in a sticky machine and less desirable results.I have the cordless version as well and end up using this one more because I can cover more area without stopping. Be careful not to overspray the solution/water mixture as that will just cause streaking. Also follow the directions as far as how much solution to use or you’ll end up with cloudy looking floors. Easy to use. I feel like I’m a fairly good housekeeper and work hard to keep my home company clean all the time, but there is still plenty of yucky water accumulated in the separate dirty water tank when I go to empty it. 🥴🤢

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  46. Dama

    Mostly good

    Within 2 uses, the thingie that locks the brush cover on bent and now I have to use a chopstick to push it to get the brush cover on. I’ve just frankly been too busy to take it in for repair. Also it does tend to get clogged. To fix this I set it on the edge of the sink and use the sprayer hose to flush out the tube that leads to the tank. Other than that it’s great.

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  47. Laura Petellat

    Keep it clean too!

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the crosswave.You need to clean ot out everything you use it, ESPECIALLY, if you have pet messes you’re cleaning up.It is easy to clean and if you use Lysol lemon scent cleaner in it, it will disinfect, clean, remove odor, and stays smelling great for a long time!

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  48. Kayla B.

    Works great!

    I have two dogs, a husky and a pitbull and I was nervous that my husky’s hair would be way to much on this but what I do is I vacuum with our other vacuum to get most of the hair then I go with this and it’s truly game changer! The

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  49. Jenny Dye

    Not very god suction power.

    This does ok, I have all wood floors and a pet that’s why I bought it. It does not have great suction and the dirt trap get the dogs hair stuck so it doesn’t flow down into container properly, just gets stuck . Thought this was made for pet hair..

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