Akshay Kumar and Welcome To The Jungle Cast to Shoot in UAE

Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar and the rest of the cast of the upcoming comedy film “Welcome To The Jungle” will be heading to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for the next leg of their shoot. The team is expected to arrive in Dubai in the coming weeks and will be filming in various locations around the city.

“Welcome To The Jungle” is the third installment in the popular “Welcome” franchise, which is known for its slapstick humor and over-the-top action sequences. The film is being directed by Rohit Dhawan and also stars Anil Kapoor, Lara Dutta, and Paresh Rawal.

The decision to shoot in the UAE was made due to the country’s stunning scenery, world-class infrastructure, and supportive government policies for film production. The UAE has become a popular destination for Bollywood filmmakers in recent years, and many major films have been shot there, including “Tiger Zinda Hai,” “Pathaan,” and “Dhoom 3.”

The shooting of “Welcome To The Jungle” in the UAE is expected to generate significant economic benefits for the country. The film is expected to create jobs for local crew members and businesses, and it will also promote Dubai as a tourist destination.

Fans of Akshay Kumar and the “Welcome” franchise are eagerly awaiting the release of the film. The first two installments of the franchise were box office successes, and there is high anticipation for the third film.

The shoot of “Welcome To The Jungle” in the UAE is a major coup for the country’s film industry. It is a testament to the UAE’s growing reputation as a hub for international film production.

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