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How do you spend your free time? Are you a movie lover but due to cost you cannot watch movies? Then now, you do not need to worry about it. Here is a solution to your problem. Have you heard the name Kuttymovies?

It is a movie site. Here you can watch any movie. Like Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, and other south Indian movies. You can also find there other movies dubbed in Hindi or other languages.

Do you want to watch the latest movies? Here this is also possible. You will get all the latest movies, which are in theatres now. Therefore, you can skip the theatres to watch the latest movies.

Here you can download the movies you have watched. Do you know the best thing about this movie site Kutty movies? It provides the facility for its users to watch and download movies free of cost. So here, through Kuttymovies, you will get full entertainment anytime and anywhere without paying any amount.

This article provides you with all the needed information about Kutty movies. Therefore, to know all the details about this movie site, read this article from top to bottom.

Concept about Kuttymovies

Kuttymovies is a movie site. It is mainly for Tamil movies. Here you can watch all the language movies of south India, for example, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, and others. It includes dubbed movies also. South Indian Movies Dubbed in Hindi and Hindi movies dubbed in South Indian languages are available here.

Through Kuttymovies, you can watch and download these movies free of cost. You do not need to bear any expenses for this. If you are a mobile user and have a shortage of space, then there is a solution for you.

Kutty movies provides various sizes of movies. Here you can get a suitable size for downloading the movies per your mobile storage. 3 GB or 4 GB movies are also there for your laptop. All the movies you will get with HD quality. The resolution it provides to its users is 240p, 360p, 720p, and many more.

But being a user of Kuttymovies, you know that Kuttymovies provides pirated movies. It is a torrent website. Piracy is illegal to work. It is a crime. Kuttymovies leaks the latest moves from its sources and uploads the same on its website.

Thus, it provides the latest movies to you. The government has made various laws and rules to stop this crime. If you are caught using this movie site kuttymovies, you will be punished. The specific amount you may have to lose. So be careful.

Being careful to watch and downloading the movies, you can enjoy these kuttymovies safely. In addition, you can get the benefit of free watching and downloading the latest movies anytime and anywhere.

Movie categories in Kuttymovies:

Kuttymovies is a movie site. It is famous for South Indian movies. It has a vast range of movies. Here you can find Tamil movies, Telugu movies, and Malayalam movies. Dubbed movies are also available here. You can watch them all and download them as well. You do not need to provide any cost to use Kuttymovies. You can easily enjoy your free time with KuttyMovies.

Let us know the categories of movies you will get from Kuttymovies.

●          Tamil movies

●          Telugu movies

●          Malayalam movies

●          Bhojpuri movies

●          Hindi dubbed movies

●          Dubbed in south Indian languages, movies

●          Comedy movies

●          Family movies

●          Kids movies

●          Romantic movies

●          Adventurous movies

●          Inspirational movies

●          Haunted movies

●          Sad movies

●          Drama movies

●          Action movies

●          Thriller movies

You can search here for old movies by their name. After searching, within a second, that movie will be on your screen. All kinds of latest and old movies are here for you without any cost. On the homepage, all these movies will be there.

You need to find your favourite one. In addition, if you get unable to find then just search that movie by its name. On the top of the homepage, the search bar will be there. If you try to search for an old move then you may put the realizing year as well for betterment.

Quality of videos in Kuttymovies

Through this movie site Kuttymovies you can watch and download movies for free of cost. Here you will find any South Indian movies. Like Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, and movies of all different languages. Hindi dubbed movies are also there. All the movies you can enjoy without paying a single amount of money.

As all the movies are free, you may have doubts about the visual quality of these movies. But you should know that all the picture quality is very advanced. It has advanced technology. Due to this, the videos have good quality. You will not face any kind of disturbance due to the picture condition.

It provides movies having different ranges of video quality with different resolutions. There are various options for video quality. You have to choose the option, which you may want to watch and download as well.

Here is the list of visual display quality of the movies:

  • 240p movies
  • 360p movies
  • 480p movies
  • 720p  movies
  • 1080p movies
  • MKV, AVI, HEVC  movies
  • HD quality movies
  • Blue-ray videos
  • 4k movies
  • DVD Rip movies
  • BD-Rip movies
  • DVDSCR print
  • HD Rip movies
  • Dual audio movies

These are all the qualities of videos the users will get from Kuttymovies. There are different categories present for mobile users. Those who have a shortage of space can select the range of 240p, 300p, 480p, and others as well. And who may not have any problem relating to the space or device they may choose anything. So there are all options with free service for all kinds of users.

Size of videos in Kuttymovies

Like the video quality, Kuttymovies has a wide range of options in sizes as well. Users can download any size of the movie as per their using device or wish.

If you are a mobile user then you may not have enough space for downloading a whole movie. So there are some options for you to choose the size of movies you want to download or watch.

For those users who may have a shortage of space in their laptops, this applies to them also. In addition, those users who may not have any kind of space issue download any size of movies from the options. The size of movies completely depends on the needs of the users. You can choose between 300MB and 5GB as well.

Therefore, here is a list of sizes, which the users can select as per their needs.

  • 300mb
  • 500mb
  • 700mb
  • 850mb
  • 900mb
  • 2GB
  • 3GB
  • 4GB
  • 5GB

These are all the options, which the users will get from this movie site kuttymovies. Therefore, the users will get the chance the size of the videos, which they may want to watch or download. Kuttymovies has advanced technology. With the help of that technology, it reforms this movie site more beneficial for every user. This can be used by a mobile user and as well as by a laptop user as well.

How to download movies in Kuttymovies

Normally to watch any new movie you have to choose the theatre, some amount of money and time as well. Now with the help of Kuttymovies, you can do the same without any cost. You can watch your needed movie anytime and anywhere.

You will get movies, which you can watch, with your friends and family. There are various kinds of movies like romantic, adventurous, sad motivational, comedy, drama, action, thriller, kids, and many more. All the movies are free of cost. Your free time will be filled with entertainment with the help of Kuttymovies. You can watch and download it as well.

The processes to download those are very simple and easy to do. Below are all the steps mentioned.

  • At the very beginning, you need to find the official website Kuttymovies.
  • Then you have to open it.
  • After opening the official website, the homepage will open on the screen.
  • On this page, various movies will be shown. You need to select the movie you may want to download.
  • If your favourite is not there then you have to search for it from the search bar at the top.
  • After getting your needed movie you have to tap on it.
  • Now you can see the option to download
  • On that option, you have to click
  • After a single click on the downloading option, your favourite movie will be stated to download
  • Now the movie will be on your device and you can watch it at any time without any cost.

Latest website links of Kuttymovies

Here on this movie site Kuttymovies users can watch and download any movie. Though they may want to watch an old movie, with a single search they can watch it. Like the old movies, the latest movies are also here for the users. You can watch and download your favourite movies though it is old or new without any cost.

Kuttymovies is a torrent movie site. It pirates movies from various sources. By leaking the latest movies, it uploads on this website. It is a crime and unlawful work. The government has made various rules and laws to stop this crime.

Various punishments have been developed to protect the ethics of movie creation. Due to this, the Government has banned various pirated movie sites. Kuttymovies is also one of those banned pirated movie sites. So in various countries, Kuttymovies have been banned.

The users of those countries will not be able to open this movie site. Therefore, there are some alternative links to the Kuttymovies to open. From these websites, the users will get the same benefits as the official website of Kuttymovies.

Therefore, if you are not able to open the Kuttymovies website then you may try the following website links as well. Those alternative links of Kuttymovies are:

  • Kuttymovies.co.com
  • Kuttymovies7.org
  • Kuttymovies in
  • Kuttymovies7.english
  • Kuttymovies info
  • Kuttymovies.cc
  • Kuttymovies.co
  • Kuttymovies me
  • Kuttymovies.in.net

These are all the alternative website links of Kuttymovies. You should remember that all these links are the same as the Kuttymovies. So these websites are also illegal. You need to be very careful to use these websites as well.

Movies in Kuttymovies

Kuttymovies has a huge collection of movies. It is famous for South Indian movies. Here various kinds of movies are available. The users will be able to watch every kind of movie. Like Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, and many more south Indian movies.

There Hindi dubbed movies are available to those south Indian movies. Other movies are also available in south Indian languages. The users can watch the latest movie. There are movies for all moods which the users can relate to.

The movies can be seen with family, friends, and loved ones. There are various categories of movies like family movies, kid’s movies, motivational movies, sad movies, thriller movies, action movies, drama kind of movies, haunted movies, comedy movies, and many more.

The list of movies is here showing the range of collection of Kuttymovies:

  • RRR
  • KGF 2
  • Beast
  • Vikram
  • Ponniyin selvan
  • Valimai
  • Kantara
  • Karthikeya 2
  • 777 Charlie
  • Thiruchitrambalam
  • Sita Ramam
  • Mejor
  • Etharkkum Thunindhavan
  • Sardar
  • Don
  • Love today
  • Bimbisara

These are all the movies that the users will be able to watch on the movie site Kuttymnovies. Not only watch but also will be able to download the same well. So just, open the official website of this movie site Kuttymovies and start searching for your favourite movies.

Is it a legal website?

Kuttymovies is a pirated movie site. If you watch movies online then you may know that there are various pirated movie sites available. Pirated movie sites are those websites that collect movies illegally. The piracy of movies is unlawful and unethical work. It is a crime. So the government has passed various rules to stop this crime. There is a certain punishment to protest against piracy.

Kuttymovies is also a movie site that works illegally. Therefore, as a user of the movie site kuttymovies, you should be aware of the working activities of this site.

Illegal alternatives of Kuttymovies

Like kuttyovies, various websites work illegally. All these movies sites pirate movies from their sources and upload them on their website. There are some names or lists of those pirated websites, which work illegally:

These are all the illegal websites for watching and downloading movies for free.

Legal alternatives of Kuttymovies

Some movie sites available work lawfully. Below is the list of movie sites that do not do any criminal offence. It does not pirate movies or any other unethical work. Due to this movie, sites are not usable free of cost. Though these are safe, you need to pay for them.

Here is the list of legal movie sites.

  • Disney
  • Zee5
  • Netflix
  • Amazon prime video
  • Voot
  • Hotstar
  • Sonyliv
  • Ullu
  • Kooku
  • Hulu
  • Jio cinema
  • Alt balaji
  • Mx player


Kuttymovies is a pirated movie site. Here users can watch various kinds of movies and download them as well. There are different types of movies included. It is mainly famous for south Indian movies.

Here the users will get to watch Tamil movies, Telugu movies, Malayalam movies, and many more. They also will be able to get Hindi dubbed movies. Movies of every mood are here. There are family movies, kid’s movies, comedy movies, sad movies, action movies, thriller movies, romantic movies, haunted movies, and many more. All your favourite movies are there. 

The users will get every possible benefit from kuttymovies. There are various options for video quality and resolution. As an example, they will get to choose 240p, 360p, 720p to 1080p. The same, they will also get the chance to choose the size of the movies.

There are various sizes available for movies. Like 300MB, 500MB, 800MB, 2GB, to 5 GB. All the benefits they will get free of cost. Nothing expenses they need to bear for getting all these services.

But the users need to keep in mind that this is a pirated movie site. So if the users get caught using kuttymovies then they will be punished for it.

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