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Do you want access to the very best Hollywood movies with Hindi subtitles and audio? Countless options exist to support internet users with the entertainment they seek.

Many popular free movie download websites for Bollywood films with English audio are available, and AllMovies Hub is a top option for many users worldwide.

But is that all you need to know about this site before you start downloading movies? Not really. That’s why this article provides vital information about AllMoviesHub to help you see everything it has to offer.

You’ll get vital information about the website’s major features, its movie collection, genre count, and other essential details. You will also see important security tips to avoid downloading content from harmful links online. See more info about this website and kick-start safe downloads of top-rated Bollywood movies with English subtitles today.

What is AllMoviesHub?

AllMoviesHub (currently is a free movie downloader that supports users from across the globe with premium Hollywood and Bollywood films. The website allows all its visitors gain unlimited access to premium Hollywood movies with several exciting features.

AllMovies Hub also boasts a robust collection of Tamil movies with English subtitles, American movies with South Indian audio, Bollywood movies with dual audio, and so much more.

Main Features of AllMoviesHub

Latest movies

AllMoviesHub offers all its subscribers direct access to a comprehensive collection of the latest releases so all visitors can access new Web series, TV shows, and other content with ease. The website offers its library along with constant updates so all users can see fresh Bollywood free movies with English audio.

AllMovies Hub offers lots more than Bollywood movies with English voiceover as the website provides all users guaranteed access to top new content from other film industries. Visitors can access new Hollywood movies with Hindi audio, Western films, anime content, and lots more from AllMoviesHub’s pages.

Countless positive reviews from satisfied visitors come from AllMovies Hub’s massive list of fresh Hollywood Web series and other great TV shows with free dual audio and multi-language subtitles. Internet users keen to download recent movie releases with correct audio and subtitles will always fancy everything on offer from AllMoviesHub.


AllMovies Hub offers all its users access to great entertainment through subtitles. The website allows users see their favorite films with captions for complete entertainment. The website usually embeds its captions, while high-quality movies may have three (3) or more subtitles.  

Fast loading time

The website operates through tested servers that allows all users gain access to its pages for entertainment whenever they want. AllMoviesHub boasts an over 99% uptime, so you should expect to see your favorite free movie downloads more often than not.

Users also get super-quick scrolling through its pages and can save the best movies from AllMovies Hub’s servers without hassle.    

Quick search function

AllMoviesHub’s intelligent search bar ensures all users gain access to their preferred movies without hassle. The website provides its search bar at a visible area on its page to support all visitors with quick queries for their favorite movies.

Internet users see AllMoviesHub as a popular option for free movie downloads since it offers visitors so much ease to get the best films with dual audio they need to see.  

Multiple movie categories

AllMoviesHub movie categories allow subscribers multiple options to save their favorite films without hassle. This website guarantees users many options with captions, great audio, and other essential features to get full entertainment.

The website offers 10+ categories, over a thousand movies, Web series, TV shows, and other great content. AllMovies Hub’s comprehensive list of features makes it a top option for internet users keen to see a wide variety of entertaining content from one reliable location.  

Dual audio

AllMoviesHub has a separate library for dual audio movies so all users looking for films with more than one language can get their preferred voiceover. The website supports movies in Tamil, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, English, and many other languages, but it usually offers dual audio in Hindi/English with added subtitles.  

Clear voiceover

Professional voiceover artists perform to render synchronized audio on all AllMovies Hub films with two languages or dubbed movies. These expert artists bring their skills to bear and ensure Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, and many other language speakers get the entertainment they seek with more audio options.  

Quick downloads

The AllMoviesHub website offers super-fast download speeds to all users, ensuring everyone gets the movie they need for complete entertainment in moments. This site guarantees all users with a solid internet connection enough support to save multiple movies offline with zero hassles.  

Free access

All Bollywood and Hollywood movies posted through AllMovies Hub are available at no cost. The website allows all its users gain access to premium entertainment that shouldn’t be available for free.

The website takes great pride in providing free American TV series, Web shows, movies, documentaries, and so much more.

All visitors can rely on the website’s massive collection of movies for top content with great subtitles and dual audio. The website also guarantees users access to the best Bollywood blockbuster action movies and Hollywood films with multiple subtitles, all for free.

Sponsored ads

AllMoviesHub stays free from revenue gathered from posted ads on its pages. Many of these ads are related to your previous searches and provides recommended links to get what you want. However, not all of these ads are entirely safe.

AllMovies Hub doesn’t verify the path some ad links take users to, so hackers could exploit this feature in the future. Unsuspecting users might lose their data after clicking links that infect their devices with malware.

How to Download HD Movies from AllMoviesHub

You can visit to save your favorite American movies, Web series, TV shows, and other great content for free. These steps will allow you save all your favorite movies to watch later:

  • Visit any working AllMovies Hub URL from your device,
  • Type in words to look for your movies through AllMoviesHub’s query bar,
  • Tap link of the preferred movie you wish to download,
  • Look at essential information about the movie you want,
  • Tap download button (typically under the movie’s main theatrical release poster and basic information window),
  • Choose your preferred video quality and allow download to complete

You’ll have to deal with constant pop-up ads if you want to save movies from AllMovies Hub. The website runs solely on ad revenue, so it might be difficult to download free Bollywood movies without skipping 4 or more ads.  

You’ll also need a great data connection to download free Hindi movies from AllMoviesHub. Also, check out the available storage space on your device before starting any download. Some AllMovies Hub movies might take more than 2 GB when you consider its resolution and added features.

Best AllMoviesHub Genres

AllMoviesHub guarantees its users countless movies from multiple genres, so everyone can get the entertainment they seek. The website currently runs a robust collection of free movies from different genres and allows every user access to dynamic entertainment at all times.

Here’s a list of some top genres available from AllMovies Hub:

Historical FictionNarrativeFantasyThrillerRomanceDocumentary
AdventureHindi CinemaWesternScience DramaNarrativeComedy
EpicFarceAction FictionMartial ArtsRomance ComedyMystery
TelevisionSpyScience FictionPsychological ThrillerWarDocudrama
GangsterSatireSlapstickMusicalRomance ComedyHistorical Drama
Sports DramaBuddyAnimeDark ComedyHistorical FilmCrime Drama

Many great movies across genres are easy to find in AllMoviesHub’s collections. The site’s robust set of movies allows all users get free downloads of the very best action, comedy, documentaries, and so much more.

Best AllMoviesHub Video Quality

AllMoviesHub offers its users free Bollywood movies for downloads in different resolutions. Some movies posted on the website are available in:

  • 720p,
  • 700 MB,
  • 500 MB,
  • 4K,
  • Ultra HD,
  • 480p,
  • 300 MB,
  • 1080p,
  • 1 GB,
  • > 1 GB.

Your preferred format largely determines how much picture quality and sound boost you get while seeing the latest Hollywood movies with dual audio. Standard AllMovies Hub films might not need more than 450MB space on your device; however, large-sized movies (from 1080p to 4K) typically consume within 1GB to 5GB per download.

What Users Like/Don’t Like About AllMoviesHub

What Users Like About AllMoviesHub

Dual audio

User comments typically identify the huge movies list from AllMovies Hub with dual audio as a vital feature they enjoy. The website offers new and repeat visitors a comprehensive collection of Hollywood free movies with English-Hindi, Hindi-Tamil, or other audio combination.

Users commonly identify the swift addition of the latest American free movies with dual audio as a major turn-on.

Simple UI

AllMoviesHub offers a sleek interface that allows all users gain access to content in its libraries without hassle. The website provides enough support to its visitors keen to scroll through pages and seek movies from different categories.

First-timers and old users point out the website’s smooth operation as a major reason they prefer AllMovies Hub for free movie downloads.

Organized movie libraries

AllMoviesHub shares its content into different categories so all users can access content on its pages with ease. This smart feature isn’t lost on users, as several positive reviews mention AllMoviesHub’s organized libraries as one of the top elements they provide.

Anyone keen to download movies from different categories will definitely fancy everything on offer from AllMovies Hub’s free Bollywood movie downloads categories.

What Users Don’t Like About AllMoviesHub

Irritating ads

Some of the most irritating ads you can find are on free download Hollywood movie Hindi audio websites. Countless users complain about unnecessary pop-up ads littering several pages on AllMovies Hub.

The website runs on ad revenue, so it’s no surprise that users need to deal with multiple annoying ads to download movies.  

Large-sized movies

Some users think the average size of 1080p movies from AllMoviesHub might be too high. These users rank AllMovies Hub’s HD movies as space-consuming among downloads from similar websites. However, these users don’t fail to point out the superior scene quality from AllMoviesHub’s noticeably-larger movies.

Popular AllMoviesHub Web Series

AllMovies Hub doesn’t just offer great Hollywood movies; it’s also a top location for the best Web series free downloads with Hindi audio. Check out some popular Hollywood Web series dual audio downloads available from AllMoviesHub:

  • The Originals Hindi Complete All Seasons
  • Uncategorized TV Shows
  • Urdu Series
  • Vikings All Season Hindi Voiceover
  • Pakistani Series with South Indian Subtitles
  • Marvel Movies Hindi
  • Marvel Cinematic Film Collection Hindi
  • Marathi Movies Series
  • Korean Show Series in Hindi
  • Punjabi Series with English Subtitles
  • South Movies (Hindi) With Subtitles
  • The 100 All Seasons Hindi
  • The Flash Seasons Hindi Complete
  • Comedy Club with Hindi Subtitles
  • 1080p 10-Bit HEVC Web Series All Subtitles Complete Dubbed
  • 300MB Series Each Episode English/Hindi Subtitles
  • 720P HEVC Series Complete with Subtitles
  • Hollywood Movie [with Hindi Sub]
  • English TV Show [Hindi Subtitles]
  • Gujarati Series
  • Game of Thrones Season 1 – 8 Hindi All Episodes

The massive collection of top Web series free downloads from AllMovies Hub ensures every user gains access to premium entertainment. Also, several uploads from the website feature dual audio, multiple subtitles, and other standout features.   

Popular AllMoviesHub Domains

Currently, AllMovies Hub runs through, but that’s not the only URL this site has hosted movies from before. Check out some popular past URLs from AllMovies Hub and get more info about why they aren’t available anymore below:

AllMovies Hub.ccAllMovies
AllMovies Hub.clubAllMovies
AllMovies Hub.netAllMovies
AllMovies Hub.websiteAllMovies
eAllMovies Hub.orgAllMovies
AllMovies Hub.comAllMovies
AllMovies Hub.inAllMovies
AllMovies Hub.orgeAllMovies

It’s vital to note that several domains seen above don’t work anymore as they got closed down by copyright authorities. AllMoviesHub and other websites like it typically operate in violation to several copyright laws. There’s a high chance that this website might soon move its domain to another location when the copyright complaints cause another closure.

Top AllMoviesHub Alternatives

Some top AllMoviesHub alternative domains include:

GomovieshdKuttyMoviesPeacock TVTheWatchSeries
DivxCrawlerIsaiminiMusic HQSwatchSeries
123MoviesHDMovie4uMlwbdSee HD

Many of these websites have premium entertainment on offer, and every user can gain access to special entertainment in different languages from these options above. However, few website above provide superb features like multiple subtitles and dual audio to its visitors.

Top AllMoviesHub Hindi Movie Categories

Let’s see some of the best movie download categories available from AllMoviesHub’s servers:

  • Bengali Movies
  • Bengali Web Series
  • Best South Indian Movies with Dual Audio
  • Bollywood Movies
  • Bollywood Movies Free Download
  • Bollywood Movies with Dual Audio
  • Bollywood Movies with English Subtitles
  • Complete Indian Dance Show
  • Dual Audio Movies
  • Flizmovies
  • Gujrati Movies
  • Hindi Dubbed Movies
  • Hindi Dubbed Web Series
  • Hindi Indian TV Shows
  • Hindi Short Films Free Download
  • Kannada Movies
  • Latest Bhojpuri Full Movie
  • Latest Bollywood Movie English Subtitles
  • Latest Kannada Movies
  • Latest Pakistani Full Movie
  • Latest Punjabi Movies Free Download
  • Latest South Hindi Dubbed
  • Latest South Indian Hindi Dubbed Movies Free Download
  • Latest Tamil Movies
  • Latest Telugu Movies English Subtitles Download
  • Latest Updated Bollywood Movies
  • Malayalam Movie
  • Malayalam Movies
  • Marathi Movie
  • Marathi Multi Audio Movies
  • Panjabi Movies
  • South Indian Hindi Dubbed Movie Free
  • Tamil Movies
  • Telugu Movies
  • Top Gujarati Movies

AllMoviesHub’s top collection of movies ensures all users get premium TV shows, Web series, and other exciting content from several genres and in different languages.

Top AllMoviesHub Hollywood Movie Categories

AllMoviesHub’s collection of top-rated dubbed movies ensures all users gain access to complete entertainment without hassle. Let’s see some top Hollywood movies with Hindi dual audio available from this website:

  • Unofficial Hollywood Hindi Dubbed Movie
  • TV Shows
  • Top Hollywood Movies with Dual Subtitles
  • Others Web Series
  • Others Movies
  • Netflix Hindi Complete
  • Latest Hollywood Movie Hindi Subtitles
  • Latest Hollywood Hindi Dubbed Movies Free Download
  • Latest Hollywood Hindi
  • English Movies Hindi Audio

Many top-notch movies from Hindi production companies are available from AllMoviesHub. The website is a top option for Western movies with Indian audio, subtitles, and many other great features.

Top AllMoviesHub Tamil Collections

Very few websites can match AllMoviesHub’s comprehensive library of South Indian movies or any other kind of film. The website is a top option for internet users keen to download the latest Tamil movies with dual audio and other exciting features. Check out some top Tamil movies free downloads available from AllMoviesHub’s servers:

  1. Classic Tamil Movies Collection
  2. Sasikumar Movies Collections
  3. Nakul Movies Collections
  4. Siddharth Movies Collection
  5. Cheran Movies Collection
  6. Vimal Movies Collection
  7. Vijay Movies Collection
  8. Ramarajan Movies Collection
  9. Simbu Movies Collection
  10. Sathiyaraj Movies Collection
  11. Appukutty Movies Collection
  12. Surya Movies Collection
  13. Murali Movies Collection
  14. Mohan Movies Collection
  15. Sarathkumar Movies Collection
  16. Bhagyaraj Movies Collection
  17. MGR Movies Collection
  18. Vishal Movies Collection
  19. Vijayakanth Movies Collection
  20. Sivakarthikeyan Movies Collection
  21. Prashanth Movies Collection
  22. Prabhu Movies Collection
  23. Prabhu Deva Movies Collection
  24. Parthiepan Movies Collection
  25. Kamal Hassan Movies Collection
  26. Arjun Movies Collection
  27. Rajinikanth Movies Collection
  28. Madhavan Movies Collection
  29. Vikram Movie Collections
  30. Jeeva Movies Collection
  31. Dhaunsh Movies Collection
  32. Dinesh Movies Collection
  33. Vijay Sethupathi Movies Collection
  34. Arya Movies Collection
  35. Jayam Ravi Movies Collection
  36. Ajith Movies Collection
  37. Karthik Movies Collection
  38. Rajkiran Movies Collection
  39. Karthi Movies Collection
  40. Sivaji Ganesan Movies Collection
  41. Kunal Movies Collection

Tamil collections are available on many competitor websites, but with different movies. AllMoviesHub provides its users unrestricted access to some of the very best Tamil movies ever with top performances from India’s brightest stars.

How to Download AllMoviesHub APK App

  • Step 1: Open a browser on your device
  • Step 2: Seek app package download link
  • Step 3: Verify app extension
  • Step 4: Locate app file
  • Step 5: Install app


Is AllMoviesHub Free?

AllMoviesHub doesn’t charge anything to grant users access to its latest Bollywood movies English subtitles collection. The website offers all its premium AllMoviesHub content at no cost so all users can see their favorite movies without a subscription.

Is AllMoviesHub Illegal?

AllMoviesHub’s operation is illegal and goes against several existing copyright laws. The website offers content with dual audio and embedded subtitles that are typical works of piracy. Internet users are advised against downloading movies, TV shows, Web series, and other content from AllMoviesHub’s pages.  

Final Word

AllMoviesHub is a top option for internet users keen to download free movies from Hollywood and Bollywood. The website ensures its users gain access to the latest Bollywood movies with dual audio and subtitles. AllMoviesHub also offers its users support via dual audio, subtitles, clear scenes, and lots more.

However, most content posted on AllMoviesHub are done so illegally and without permission from its copyright owners. Countless users save free movies from this website without checking for any legal implications.

You also need to consider your safety before downloading movies from sites like AllMoviesHub. These websites are easy to clone and hackers could steal sensitive data from users with such a move.


Information in this post is purely for educational purposes as we don’t support the illegal possession or use of copyrighted material. Posting or viewing copyrighted material without permission is illegal and we encourage readers to abstain from downloading free movies from websites with pirated content.

We recommend verified download sites and streaming options to users for entertainment.

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